Discussion Post – COMM145i (San Jose State) – Rhetorical Criticism (Narrative Theory)

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Discussion 3- Narrative Theory

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This  will be a sensitive week – Lets keep this as academic as possible. I am  aware we all will have our rhetorical blinders on. Myself included –  but agenda setting theory will tell you a lot of narrative agendas will  be out this week. I encourage you to write about something that you  legitimately question. It doesn’t have to represent your personal  opinion or beliefs. We are digging into the media and not politics.

Reflection: (100 words) 

After  understanding what narrative theory is and how pop culture uses  narration as one story telling tool – Do you believe there is enough  diverse points of view in pop culture today? Please take a stand on this  issue and use examples to support your decisions.

Report about a text: (150 words)

Research  and find a news “story” that was created by the media during the recent  Presidential Election. Separate the facts from the story. What was the  narrative that the media wanted the audience to hear? What impact might  it have?

Cite your sources after your response.

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