Duke University Popular Music Live Performance Discussion

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You are expected to see two
live music performances over the course of the semester. We will discuss upcoming performances
in class. You will write a response (650-1000 words) to each performance
you attend for class. These are similar to the reading responses, but
have a focused performance that you must analyze using course concepts.
Using the ideas and concepts we have talked about in the course, you
will discuss the role of your object or site within the context of
contemporary popular music culture. Don’t write a simple summary or
review of the performance. While these aspects may be included, the
primary goal of the paper is to analyze and critically engage the
performance using course theories and concepts. One performance should
be something you would regularly see over the course of the semester and
the other performance should be outside of your comfort zone, or
something you wouldn’t go to were you not in this class. You should see
at least one of the performances with at least one other person from
this class.

You are expected to use relevant concepts up to the day you turn in your response. You should not recreate your analysis from your reading responses. While some of what you say in those may be relevant, the analysis should be new and push your understanding further. Thus, you should try to use new concepts that you have not engaged yet.

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