IGlobal University communication strategy Memorandum

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  • Please respond in writing to the issues presented in this case by preparing two documents: a communication strategy memo and a professional business letter.
  • In preparing these documents, you may assume one of two roles: you may identify yourself as a senior communications manager for Yahoo who has been asked to provide advice to the company regarding the issues it is facing. Or, you may identify yourself as an external management consultant who has been asked by the company to provide advice to Ms. Espiritu and her executive team.
  • Either way, you must prepare a strategy addressed to Ms. Ann Espiritu, Corporate Communications Director, that summarizes the details of the case identifies critical issues and, discusses their implications (what they mean and why they matter), offers specific recommendations for action (assigning ownership and suspense dates for each) and provides advice on how to communicate the solution to all who are affected by the recommendations. Please include a digital media component in your recommendations.
  • You must also prepare a professional business letter for Ms. Mayer’s signature. That document should be addressed to Yahoo employees, explaining the actions she intends to take, why those are important, and the effect her new policies and directives will have on key stakeholders (including investors, customers, suppliers, creditors, and others). If you have questions about either of these two
    documents, please consult your instructor.

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