Los Angeles City College The Science of Happiness PPT and Outline Speech

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The Informative Speech

Assignment Introduction

For this assignment, you will educate your audience on a topic you select ( MY TOPIC IS THE SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS ). An informative speech is different from a persuasive speech in that you are sharing information and not taking a position. With persuasive speeches, your goal is to change your audience’s mind on an issue or reinforce an existing belief they may have. With Informative Speeches, you will not take a position or use research that suggest a bias, rather you are increasing the audience’s knowledge on a particular topic. Library’s website (Links to an external site.).

Assignment Overview

Organizational Structure of Speech

Informative Speech & Outline Template: Step by Step Walk-Through


        • I recommend downloading the above template to your device, delete my instructions, keep the shell/ frame of the outline and type in your speech preparation outline
        • The template will provide a breakdown of what goes into the informative speech as well as what goes into your preparation outline
        • The preparation outline is a working “blueprint of your speech,” during your speech you will not be expected to say every word that is on your outline; only the ideas
        • After you create your preparation outline, you will create your speaker outline- or notecards
        • You will not want to write a lot on your notecards. They should be one word or small phrase reminders of what was on your preparation outline
        • Remember, you will be taking the Written Citation in your preparation outline and converting them to Verbal Source Citations. This means that your research will appear in three places
            1. In the preparation outline through in-text and parenthetical citations
            2. The preparation outline works cited page
            3. Verbal Source Citations during your speech
        • While the preparation outline labels the different parts of a speech, during the speech itself you will not verbally identify these labels. Meaning, you WILL NOT SAY; My attention getter is…instead just present the attention getter

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