Pasadena City College Blame and Cure Advocacy Speech Paper

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The Blame and Cure

The Conclusion and APA References


Meeting the requirements of the assignment

  • Strength and sophistication of analysis
  • Thoroughness of research

Communicative competence

  • Additional information:

Oral citations are worth 3 points each.

Source quality will also be taken into account.

  • Common questions/Concerns: 

Will I present this speech this semester? 

  • No. A video speech presentation is not required.

Does my topic have to be policy-based?

  • Yes, you can’t analyze a topic of value or fact using stock issues analysis. 
  • Can I choose my own topic? 
  • Yes, but I must approve topic first.

Please use this outline template throughout speech. Word count on final outline is 1000. You may find it necessary to add additional subpoints to the body of your speech.

Week 4: The Blame and Cure

For this section, I ask that you analyze the following. Note: I want to simplify this section of the outline into three subpoints. 

II. Blame: Insert topic sentence

A. Identify the inherency. Is your issue attitudinal, structural, or existential? Provide a clear and concise explanation as to why. 

  1. B. Identify the policy in question (existing policy) 
  2. C. Explain the deficiencies in the existing policy. In other words, explain why the current policy is failing.  
  3. Note: if your issue is existential, your analysis will be slightly different – shorter even. Since there is no policy to dissect, you will have to explain why no such policy has been implemented. It could be a variety of reasons – not a priority, ignored/overlooked, or some perverse reason – see example below:
  4. Existential policy example from text: (Chapter 5): The United States failure to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide is an example of an existential inherency. For years the US Government ignored this horrific event to avoid tarnishing their relationship with Turkey. Reason? Some say a combination US denialism and pragmatism. 

Essentially, you will be responsible for subpoints A and B. 

III. The Cure: Insert topic sentence 

A. Solvency. Choose the best solution: Pilot study, Expert Opinion, Foreign Analogy, or Return to Previous State. 

  • B. Efficacy – Why it will work.
  • ***My proposition statement is “The Federal Government should create a comprehensive immigration policy to end the immigration crisis currently at our southern borders”Wee

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