Accusations Against Nestle Regarding Mislabeling of Products Questions

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    1. Review your peer’s memo. Do not edit it, in other words, do not post a document with tracked changes or comments. Instead, focus on the substance. Specifically, create a Word document, and write out each of the following questions and your answer to it:

      1) How sufficient are the answers to the questions?
      2) What facts might be missing? What are their sources?
      3) What values might be missing? What are their sources?
      4) What areas might be confusing?

      Thus, your Word document should contain the aforementioned four questions and their four answers. If you suggest changes, explain them as clearly as possible. If you are answering a question (e.g., regarding sufficiency) and find you have no suggested changes, give at least one example of how it is exemplary.

    2. Email your Word document with your answers to the aforementioned questions to your partner and CC me.
    3. Receive your peer’s comments on your memo, use them to revise your memo as you see fit, and submit the revision to your instructor, by the end of the week.


You can earn up to 5 points for each peer review. Follow all of the instructions, ensuring your answers to the questions (a) strengthen your peer’s analysis (3 points) and (b) avoid vague statements while defining terms (2 points). If you fail to submit your draft memo or comments to your peer by the deadlines, you will receive an automatic 0 for this assignment.

If you received the recommendation from your peer, please check

I have attached my peer’s memo below

Besides, this link includes my memo and the instruction of memo, plz check if needed…

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