Walden University Function Based Supervision Discussion

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    The goal of functional behavioral assessment (FBA) is determining the type and source of consequences (e.g., reinforcement contingencies) for problem behaviors and leveraging that knowledge to design interventions to decrease the undesirable behaviors or increase adaptive behaviors. Function-based supervision is supervisors applying the principles of FBA to design interventions that promote behavioral improvement in their supervisees.

    For this Discussion, you will analyze and provide examples of applications of functional behavioral assessment (FBA) to supervision of behavior analysts in training.

  • Review the Learning Resources for this week, including the required weekly lecture media program. Note: It is mandatory for you to review the media for this week prior to completing this Discussion.
  • Consider ways you might apply functional behavioral assessment to supervision.

Post an explanation of how you can apply the knowledge you have learned about functional behavioral assessment (FBA) to the supervision of behavior analysts in training. Give two examples of an application of “function-based” supervision.

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