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In counseling, a supervisor is responsible for
monitoring the welfare of the client and enhancing the functioning of the
professional. He or she also supports a supervisee who is a novice mental
health counselor in processing his or her experiences with the client. A
supervisor takes on various roles and applies an array of counseling and
consultation skills to achieve these goals.

It is important for mental health counselors
to develop supervisory skills since it is likely that most mental health
counselors will be asked to supervise a new counselor at some point in their
careers. One of the ways you, as a graduate student and a future mental health
counselor, develop supervisory skills is utilizing the discrimination model of

For this Assignment, you examine the
discrimination model of supervision and apply it to a case study.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Review Chapter 14 in
the course text, Orientation to the Counseling Profession: Advocacy,
Ethics, and Essential Professional Foundations
, and the articles, focusing
on the discrimination model of supervision. Think about the supervisory skills
found in the discrimination model and how they are relevant to the supervisor’s

Read the “Supervision
Case Study’ document located in the Learning Resources. Think about how, in
each of the supervisory roles of the discrimination model, you would approach
the supervisee, Michael. Reflect on the supervisory skills that would be most
relevant to each supervisory role for this case.

The Assignment (2–3 pages)

Using the
discrimination model in Chapter 14, explain how you would apply each of the
supervisory roles in your approach with Michael, the supervisee in the case

For each supervisor
role in the discrimination model, describe one skill that is most relevant to
the role and justify your response.

Explain the
supervisor’s role and skill set as explained in the discrimination model of
supervision. Be specific to the case and provide examples.

Support your Assignment with specific
references to all resources used in its preparation using appropriate APA
format and style. You are asked to provide a reference list for all resources,
including those in the Learning Resources for this course.


Janet is the clinical director of a local
counseling agency. She has been supervising Michael, an internship student from
a local university, for 2 months. Michael verbalizes what appears to be a great
deal of insecurity regarding his counseling skills and abilities. He starts
apologizing for his performance on his taped counseling session prior to
playing the tape for supervision. In addition, when processing the various
clients he sees, Michael often says, “I just don’t know what to do.” However,
Michael is receptive to supervision and always incorporates the feedback
offered to him by Janet.

Most recently, Michael has presented a case for
supervision of a client who is experiencing problems in her romantic
relationship. Michael indicates that the client reports not ever having a
positive role model regarding relationships, not having a good relationship
with her father, and not knowing how to deal with arguments in relationships.
Michael said he felt a little uncomfortable when the client stated she wished
her boyfriend could spend some time with him (Michael) so that he could learn
how to really listen to her.

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