Grand Canyon University W1 Exaggeration of Symptoms Discussion

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DQ1. Do you find instances of exaggeration of symptoms or
diagnostic severity (so-called “diagnostic creep”) in order to retain
or maximize benefits/coverage for the client? Explain your experiences. How
successful have you been on addressing the goals on your activity plan? Explain
the successes or barriers you have faced.

DQ2. Looking back at when you began
your practicum, are you now more comfortable working with a variety of clients
with differing diagnosis? Use examples in your answer.

DQ 3. How has your
coursework helped you to identify co-occurring disorders? Journal – In 250
words reflect upon the progress made in gaining knowledge, skills, attitudes,
in some of the tasks I carried out, they include: Group Counseling – Individual
counseling – Staff Meetings – In-Service Training – Treatment Planning and
Development – Progress Notes

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