Response to two peers’ decision broad: response must be 1 paragraph and 1 source APA peer#1 decision: Nursing has indeed evolved over the course of more than 150 years since the inception of the fi

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Response  to two peers’ decision broad: response must be  1 paragraph and 1 source APA

peer#1 decision: Nursing has indeed evolved over the course of more than 150 years since the inception of the first nightingale schools in the United States (Friberg & Creasia, 2016, p.17). Nursing has achieved professional status throughout the years in efforts to change unfairness amongst caregivers. During the 19th century women were only recognized as homemakers with extension to caregivers. Men were discriminated against because of their gender and African Americans received minimum to no care during war because the color of their skin. There were many advocates such as Florence nightingale who advocated not only for equality amongst caregivers but for patients’ rights.  Despite efforts in improving healthcare, their are still barriers nurses face today.

The major barriers in nursing are role stereotypes, being understaffed, and the cost for education. Nurses have often been portrayed in film and television as comedic sex kittens (Friberg & Cresia, 2016, p.46).  Society views on nurses either men or women in this manner is distasteful. This image has negative implications for the nursing professional and what we stand for. I believe the society at times can be bias and change unfortunately will come with many barriers due to concrete mindsets and social media. In the rise in chronic disease, new variants, and the need for hospital facilities the demand in nursing staff has increased (Friberg,2016). Many facilities are understaffed, overworked, and underpaid. The following has caused a crisis in many states. Staff will continue to walk out due to being overworked. Leaving for traveling positions, better opportunities, and the need of just being appreciated. Unfortunately, this will be a continuous barrier for healthcare workers due to the increasing population and economy. Cost, the first formal education program was a funded 4-month hospital-based diploma in the 1900’s. However, in today’s world we are required to know and do so much more as nurses and continued education is a must, but comes with a cost. Many nurses are in debt due to the burden of student loans. Nursing school should be free. We are doing a duty in serving our communities and  finance should not be a burden.

I do not belong to a nursing organization. This is my first year as a nurse and I am still trying to get acclimated with my duties. In the future I plan on joining an organization where I can grow as a nurse leader and be influenced by others who share the same  aspirations as mines.

peer #2 decision: The nursing profession has evolved immensely since the Nightingale model was first established in American society in the late 19th century, where the value of the profession was not at all highly esteemed.  I found a quote in the readings for this assignment, taken from our class textbook – Conceptual Foundations, The Bridge to Professional Nursing Practice, that I feel well reflected historical opinion on the limited duty of nurses, which states “To the doctor, the first duty [of the nurse] is that of obedience — absolute fidelity to his orders, even if the necessity of the prescribed measures are not apparent to you. You have no responsibility beyond that of faithfully carrying out the directions received” (Frieberg & Creasia , 2016, pg.4).  Reviewing the statement, now as a registered nurse, I’m convinced that today’s view of the profession has significantly evolved into an integral healthcare role and responsibility.

Due to the  nurse advocates actively involved in advocating for patients in unlivable conditions in the East Side of New York City, supporting war veterans being treated for combat sustained injuries and being a voice espousing fairness for men and African Americans, I feel the perception of the profession has greatly increased; having advanced from the single-minded subservient idea of nursing as the referenced quote stated. Yes, I believe that nursing has achieved a noteworthy professional status given current-state advancements, yet we still face challenges within the profession.

One major barrier to further elevating the nursing profession, as noted in my readings and personally observed and experienced in the field, is the significant nursing shortage. I believe it stems from the stressful work environment, perceptions of being overworked and underpaid, and with the global pandemic exacerbating both of these factors. One way to combat these concerns is to hire more nurses, whether Associate’s Degree (ADN) or Bachelor’s Degree (BSN) credentialed. Hospitals, as noticed while attending nursing school and job search, are beginning to lean towards hiring BSN credentialed nurses over ADNs. Differentiating nurses based on degree stature, will further worsen the problem through limiting the candidate pool. Instead, I would recommend bridging programs, including requisite financial support, to obtain complete BSN requirements. Another solution, the focal point, being an increased pay scale for nurses, so that those already in the field don’t feel forced to become travel nurses or submit for recurring overtime assignment to mitigate financial concerns and to attract more high-quality candidates to the profession. Lastly, a recommended approach to help decrease the existing nursing shortage, is to implement allotted mental health days; for use in similar fashion as sick days have been traditionally provided and taken. This career path can be very stressful and often requiring we place the needs of others (at work and at home) before our own. If we are not in a good place within ourselves, how can we be expected to provide the best care for the people we serve and live out our nursing out “ do no harm” expression underlying the ethical position of modern medicine?

While I do not currently belong to a professional nursing organization, I will soon begin researching different organizations to view their mission statement(s), goal(s) and the notable contribution(s) that each organization has made towards improving the nursing profession to determine which best aligns with my views and professional goals.

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