Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on global wealth and poverty linked to the capitalist world system.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on global wealth and poverty linked to the capitalist world system. The impact of capitalism on society is phenomenal. Today everybody talks about the global village and nations on either side of the globe are just hours away from each other. Cities are expanding by the hour and the new technologies that are impacting us are creating a unified world culture. what many would like to call the brave new world. In retrospect, is this new culture based on bravery or untamed consumerism? World cultures are being annihilated by the wave of crass consumerism and scant regard for values. The populations of today have lesser family values and more internal strife, which threatens to tear apart social order. Violence due to the lack of family and supportive values are reducing a whole generation to waste. Societies who live under the minimum poverty standards complain of raw deals that have often been meted out to them by the supporters of globalization, which has become another name for the extended business.&nbsp.

The effects of capitalism can be easily seen from the effect that it impinges on the culture and environment of a nation. It has been a long time since scientists have been thinking about how long and how far will we be able to push forward due to our unsatiated need for more land and resources. In fact, this is a global phenomenon and whatever natural resources that remain in the underdeveloped countries are being exploited for commercial reasons with scant regard for the environment. The backlash has already started and every day we are greeted with news of natural disasters that lead to innumerable deaths: a system by which nature is trying to maintain balance in the world population. We often see that the much-promised redemption of the poor from their wretched state as a result of globalization is a sad dream, which never gets s fulfilled. On the other hand, the natural resources of a place are often looted and sold for higher prices in the international markets.&nbsp.

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