Write 6 pages with APA style on Personalized Medicine and Effective Health Care.

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Write 6 pages with APA style on Personalized Medicine and Effective Health Care. Personalized medicine presents an effective means of integration of various new developments within biotechnology. These developments have aided in the attainment of effective diagnostics and drugs, which have played a significant role in the improvement of healthcare. Further, personalized medicine has contributed to human genome sequencing. In addition, personalized medicine creates an effective relationship between the patient and the doctor. This relationship plays a significant role in the recovery process of an individual. Personalized medicine also contributes to a change in the health habits of individuals and living styles.

Personalized medicine focuses on the treatment of complex diseases, which include diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. These diseases are influenced by human genome interaction and environmental factors. However, personalized medicine is not only focused on sick people, but also on disease prevention and wellness of individuals. This is because an individual’s genome plays a critical role in influencing the likelihood of developing various medical conditions. The focus of personalized medicine on these diseases is based on the desire to address individual needs in healthcare at a personal level. This also aids in giving hope and encouragement to the individual to focus on the attainment of effective health habits.

The implementation process of personalized medicine relies on molecular diagnostic technologies, which include nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping. Diagnosis aids in the identification of effective treatment, as well as monitoring of results. Since technologies, which aid in the implementation of personalized medicine collect an immense amount of data, bioinformatics plays a significant role in analyzing this data. Further, pharmacogenetics aids in personalized medicine implementation through the identification of genetic factors, which have an influence on the metabolism and action of drugs.

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