I need some assistance with these assignment. global warming is real Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. global warming is real Thank you in advance for the help!

Scientists agree that global warming is real and human beings are primarily responsible for itThe observed rise in the concentration levels of greenhouse gases such as CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere contributes to global warming by trapping heat in the atmosphereThe consistent drop in ice levels all over the world and the melting of the global snow, especially in the arctic, is a result of the gradual change in the global climate temperatureAn increase in climate temperature causes the perceived rise in sea levels over the previous yearsDespite the scepticism of interest groups, politicians and some scientists all over the world, global warming is real and not a mere scientific myth as previously thought

&nbsp.Global warming is undoubtedly one of the central issues of our century. there have been increased concerns of the impending climate change as a result of human’s continuous impact on the natural environment (Booker, Christopher 1). Human’s ongoing exploration of the earth for its resources has left the planet in a terrible condition since most of the activities such as deforestation and mining have negative impacts on the natural environment and ecosystems. As a result of the growing concern for the environment, many nations have adopted environmental conservation and protection approaches to promote sustainability of the natural environment for the sake of future generations. Environmentalists, scientists, level-headed global leaders as well as national and international bodies have been at the forefront of raising environmental consciousness, particularly with regards to the impending danger of global warming and climate change as a result of human’s destructive relationship with the natural environment. Nonetheless, the issue of global warming has been highly politicized and controversial. It is sometimes dismissed as something out of the fictional world of science or a construct of science fiction. Part of the reason that makes global warming a highly controversial topic is the fact that most of the research in the area is based on future projections or climate models of the observed global climate trends in the previous decades.

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