Assessment Description: Please the attachment file below. Thank you

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Assessment Description:

Please the attachment file below. Thank you

Assessment Description: Please the attachment file below. Thank you
Access Assignment 2 Page 1 Microsoft Access Module 2 Assignme nt -2 for each error or omission; missing object -5 In this assignment you will be building a table for storing nutritional data supplied by USDA National Nutrient Database ( ) and then filling it with some of the foods you would find in the grocery store or cafeteria. You will add a few records, build a form for easy data entry, import records, create queri es for healthy and not so healthy foods, and finally generate reports of your results. (Don’t type any of the parenthesis “ “, they are around text you need to type. Set -up 1) Create a new blank desktop database and save it as “Nutrition_LastName_FirstName” replacing the words LastName and FirstName with your name. Name the table ‘Nutrition_Data’. 2) Modify the default table in Design View : • Keep the default ID field and rename it FoodID. Designate this as the primary key for the table. • Creat e fields and field p roperties using the table below: Field Name Data Type Field Size Decimal Places Notes FoodID AutoNumber Long Integer Primary Key Food Short Text 75 Not a key field Calories Number Integer Auto Protein Number Single 2 Fat Number Single 2 Carbohydrate Number Single 2 Fiber Number Single 2 Sugar Number Single 2 Category Short Text 20 3) Close the “ Nutrition_Data ” table and choose to import the Excel table “ Nutrition_ Info .xlsx ” and append a copy of the records to “ Nutrition_Data ” (do not analyze the data after importing and do not save the import steps). (External Data tab, Import & Link group, New Data Source, From File, Excel). 4) Open the “ Nutrition_Data ” table to confirm that i t now contains over 100 records. Resize the “Food” and “Category” columns so that all of the information in each record is displayed. 5) Create a form named “Nutrition_Data ”. Use the Form Wizard and display all fields. Keep all other defaults to create the form. Create Queries for the Data 6) Using the “Query Wizard ” select records that show healthy foods . Use the “Query Wizard” to create a query and select the “Simple Query Wizard”. With the “ Nutrition_Data ” table selected, ad d all available fields to the qu ery. Show the “Detail” records and name the query “Healthy_Foods”. Edit the query to show “healthy” food which has less than 5 grams of fat and more than 10 grams of protein . You choose correct fields and criteria to put in. 7) Create a second query on your own named “High_Energy_Sweets”. Use Query Wizard and include all fields and put criteria in that has over 500 calories additionally put in criteria for those in category Sweets. Access Assignment 2 Page 2 Report the Results of the Queries 8) Create a Report using the Report Wizard b ased on the “High_Energy_Sweets” Query. Only include the Food, Calories and Category fields (in that order) . Finish and Save (don’t worry about columns not being distributed evenly , they may be a little off ). 9) Close any open objects. Finish the database 10) Save the database and add a comment in the document properties with your First and Last Name as Author and Today’s date in Comments.

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