Assignment Content APA_Paper_Template_Use this as the starting point for this assignment attached. Use the same company/project idea you used in the Week 2 Learning Team assignment attached Wr

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Assignment Content

  1. APA_Paper_Template_Use this as the starting point for this assignment attached.

Use the same company/project idea you used in the Week 2 Learning Team assignment attached

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you address each of the following items:

  • What is the purpose of a risk response plan?
  • What is a risk owner and what is the risk owner’s role in the risk response plan?
  • Who should be appointed to own risk on a project?
  • How should a project manager assess and deal with risk?
  • List and describe the most common areas of the project where risks can originate.
  • List and discuss at least two types of risk for each area.
  • In the project you discussed in Week 1, what were the risks, and how were they handled? Should they have been handled differently?
  • Include at least two APA formatted references to support your discussion and analysis.
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Assignment Content APA_Paper_Template_Use this as the starting point for this assignment attached. Use the same company/project idea you used in the Week 2 Learning Team assignment attached Wr
4 Title of Paper Student Name Course/Number Due Date Faculty Name Title of Paper Triple click your mouse anywhere in this paragraph to replace this text with your introduction. Often the most important paragraph in the entire essay, the introduction grabs the reader’s attention—sometimes a difficult task for academic writing. When writing an introduction, some approaches are best avoided. Avoid starting sentences with “The purpose of this essay is . . .” or “In this essay I will . . .” or any similar flat announcement of your intention or topic. Read more: Center for Writing Excellence>Tutorials and Guides>Essay Development>Guidelines for Writing Academic Essays. Level One Heading Replace the level one heading with the words for your heading. The heading must be in bold font. Headings are a necessary part of helping your audience track the sub-topics discussed in the body of the essay or report. Be sure to indent the first line of each paragraph between five and seven spaces by pressing the Tab key one time on the keyboard. In addition, remember to double space the entire paper using the double space functionality in Word. This template is already formatted for double spacing. Read more: Center for Writing Excellence>Tutorials and Guides>Software Tutorials and Guides>Formatting Tutorial for APA. In addition, keep in mind an academic essay should contain at least five paragraphs, which includes the introduction (introductory paragraph), the body (which is generally at least 3 paragraphs), and the conclusion (generally one paragraph). Most well-developed paragraphs contain at least 3-5 sentences, one of which is the topic sentence. Limit each body paragraph to one sub-topic. Level Two Heading Replace the level two heading with the words for your heading. The heading must be in bold font. Conclusion The closing paragraph is designed to bring the reader to your way of thinking if you are writing a persuasive essay, to understand relationships if you are writing a comparison/contrast essay, or simply to value the information you provide in an informational essay. The closing paragraph summarizes the key points from the supporting paragraphs without introducing any new information. References This is a hanging indent. To keep the hanging indent format, triple click your mouse on this line of text and replace the information with your reference entry. You can use the Reference and Citation Examples (Center for Writing Excellence>Tutorials and Guides>Reference and Citation Examples) to help format your source information into a reference entry. The reference page always begins on the top of the next page after the conclusion.
Assignment Content APA_Paper_Template_Use this as the starting point for this assignment attached. Use the same company/project idea you used in the Week 2 Learning Team assignment attached Wr
Project Proposal Mike Soucy, Phyllis Brown CPMGT/300: Project Management 8/24/2021 Sarah Pedersen Skills Base Software Implementation Proposal Every organization has skills that employees need to obtain, enhance, and keep current to be successful. We have identified these skills for our technicians, however, are currently struggling with a method to track their level of proficiency and changes our investments make. We propose our organization partners with the internet based agile skill management company Skills Base. Skills Base will allow individual technicians to self-evaluate and profess interest in new skills. Manager evaluation of skills will also contribute to reporting on Organizational, Regional, Team, and Individual basis. This implementation will solve for many of the existing issues we experience and some that we may soon face. Stakeholders and their Benefits Project stakeholders include the Learning & Development team (L&D), Technicians, Area Service Managers (ASM), and the Skills Base vendor. As Clients L&D and ASM’s play a key role in the development of technicians. Having the ability to see gaps in knowledge and easily identify ways to close those gaps will benefit these clients. As a Host Organization the ability to see who is suited to handle a service call will ensure our resources are being properly utilized. The project team is constructed of individuals who will utilize and/or report from this software they will benefit by decreasing time spent reviewing complex excel based matrix heat maps. Finally, the vendor will benefit by being selected as a partner for a long-term relationship with our organization. Project Objectives, Deliverables, Cost, and Timeline The objective of this project includes moving current data from the excel based sheets currently used to track/report on technician skills over to Skills Base. Skills Base promotes how their unique and rapid deployment means you can be up and running in minutes (“Skills Base”, 2021). This transition will allow on demand reporting at different levels of the organization along with recommendations to technicians on training that closes gaps in their skills vs. targets set for them. The price for this new platform has been negotiated from $3945/year down to $2000/year for the 300 licenses we plan to deploy to our pilot region. If this pilot succeeds, we have pricing in place to enter an enterprise level agreement for 10,000 licenses at $85,000/year. The expected time to transition the pilot region to this process is 60 days including data migration and training for users and administrators. Resource Requirements Personnel resources to execute this project include a project manager (40 hours) to oversee the project, one member from L&D (4 hours) to ensure the correct skills are included in the matrix, 4 ASM’s (2 hours each 8 hours total) to input technicians in the software and provide initial assessments on technician’s abilities, and the Technicians who will be required to self-evaluate (estimated at 1 hour each for 248 technicians). In addition to data migration hours a capital need exists of $2000 for the pilot investment. Team Organization The Project Manager will guide the team and ensure critical milestones are met throughout the process. Team meetings will be weekly to ensure that milestones are met and contributions to the project are entered in the software correctly. L&D will attend the first meeting, ensure initial setup is correct, and relinquish to the ASM’s and Technicians to input unique data. Weekly meetings will include discussions to gauge completion levels of inputs. Sponsorship and Project Leadership The Regional Growth Team will be this projects sponsor. This team can take concerns from the project team to executive leadership and has direct communication with enterprise training. The requirement that sponsors can approve a project and commit resources to it (Cobb, 2012) will be key to the success of this project. Conclusion Moving from unintegrated excel spreadsheets used to track skills from team to team over to a fully integrated system capturing this same data clearly and automatically will enhance the accuracy of data we have available to work with. Stakeholders will see benefits immediately with the ability to identify skill gaps technicians have. After a gap is identified recommendations will be made automatically so they can be closed quickly and effectively. Our organization will benefit from enhanced reporting and tracking of the skills possessed by our most valuable resources, our technicians. References Cobb, A. T. (2012). Leading project teams (2nd ed.). Sage Publications. Skills Base (2021).

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