Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Differences between Rastafarian Groups.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Differences between Rastafarian Groups. Different classes emerge from these factors’ influence that in turn influence the belief gives rise to the different Rastafari groups. The text Soul rebels: The Rastafari has its setting in a fishing community in Jamaica, Kingston suburbs, the United States and Ethiopia. In Jamaica, Lewis explores suburbs of Kingston and a fishing village. He also explores regions in the United States where the Rastafarians live in a significant population. A significant part of his research is also based in a market town in Ethiopia, in the horn of Africa. He documents his first-hand experiences from different Rastafarian communities in his text Soul rebels: The Rastafari and this paper will highpoint some of the major concerns of the text in a summary.

Rastafarianism movement dates back to five decades and beyond among Jamaican natives, especially the blacks. Among other factors, there is a profound ritual of the use of marijuana, aggressive violent, rejection of capitalism and male chauvinism. This cultural establishment of the Rastafarians has caused a conflict with other cultures of society. However, there is a desire to achieve egalitarianism by the Rastafarians.

From the factors mentioned above, there is a perception of the Rastafarian as a&nbsp.deviant cult which has led to their persecution. One major confrontation from the government, especially the western, arises from the use of Marijuana. Their culture has commonly been referred to as the ganja-smoking Rastafari culture. Dreadlocks is another feature of Rastafarians that contributes to their ill-treatment. Most individuals and authorities associate dreadlocks with violence, marijuana smoking among other bad behaviour. The Rastafarian culture, on the contrary, interprets the practice of growing dreadlocks as a way warding off ancient Rastafarian practices, the indigenous, typically, a religious practice which includes witchcraft. They are indeed spiritual, bible rooted, determined to stand up against the vices of society&nbsp.and the conformist way of life.

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