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Compose a 1250 words assignment on alaska air group. Needs to be plagiarism free! However, the changing customer perception towards the airline’s commitment to participate in corporate social responsibility has affected the company’s overall sales. Many of the customers want to be associated with a firm that involves itself in activities that aim at improving the livelihood of the people or address an issue that is of great interest to the local population. The concerns have been aggravated by the report that the airlines have played a significant role in polluting the environment (Hermann, 2008). Different airlines have ensured that they participate in activities aimed at reducing pollution levels. For instance, Delta Airlines has invested heavily in modern aircraft that emit little fumes that affect the environment. With the increasing global warming levels, companies are expected to ensure that part of their profits is directed towards environmental pollution.

In the past five decades, Alaska has seen the number of industries in the area increase tremendously. However, environmental protection bodies are being overwhelmed. Many people think that Alaska is the best escape area from urban pollution. However, the report indicates that air quality is twice as bad as that of Beijing. Alaska has a lot of woo, but there are no gas pipelines. Many of the residents cannot afford fuel, which costs at least $4.5 a gallon. Therefore, they have turned to wood or anything else they can throw in their furnaces, especially during the winter season. The regulator’s effort to ensure that the use of wood in the area is regulated has been faced with intense resistance from the locals. The majority of people feel that the government has failed to address the big issue associated with industrialization (Caldwell, 2012).

Many feel that the industries and multinational companies have been at the forefront in polluting the environment. Therefore, they feel that there is a conspiracy between the government officials and the company managers to turn the people’s attention rather than address the issue at hand. As a result, most of the people have been turning their frustrations towards the local companies. This is through avoiding the use of their products and services. This has had a major impact on Alaska Airline, which is highly dependent on the local population for its existence in the market. The company’s competitors have been using the issue to weaken the firm’s position in the market. This is through using this as a competitive schedule.

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