Enduring Lives is the focus for Synthesis 3. SYNTHESIS 3 ASSIGNMENT GUIDE The 3rd synthesis is based on the reading of Enduring Lives. This synthesis differs from the previous syntheses a tad so foll

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Enduring Lives  is the focus for Synthesis 3.

SYNTHESIS 3ASSIGNMENT GUIDEThe 3rd synthesis is based on the reading of Enduring Lives.

This synthesis differs from the previous syntheses a tad so follow the directions carefully.

The synthesis should:

be a minimum of FOUR FULL Pages (no white spaces at top or bottom should be evident) Only 1” margins all around the page. And a maximum of no more than SIX pages. You may use headers to help organize the synthesis.

Contain an Introduction to the book, answer all of the given questions (see below) on each woman profiled, and give a thoughtful critical response to the book. The focused questions below should make it easier than trying to figure out on your own what you should focus on.

Avoid interjecting opinion in the synthesis section – this should only be an answer to the question for each woman.

Offer a thoughtful and informed response to the book. It is fine to talk about your own opinion in this section as long as it is in direct response to points in the text and is supported. [e.g. this is not what I was taught is not a strong support].

Avoid the use of outside resources, besides a good dictionary [Oxford, Webster’s] can be used, but dictionary.com will lose you points. Please note that all papers will be reviewed in SafeAssign when submitted to Blackboard to check for originality.

Response TIPS: The response should be a third of the whole (which means a minimum of 3 substan- tial paragraphs).

·  Suggested approaches: Respond to the overall thesis of the book – why is the book entitled Enduring Lives?

·  Given your study of various religions, what did these women help you to understand?

·  Feel free to praise or criticize the book, but remember to go beyond mere agreement or dis-

agreement – this is NOT a book review.

·  Remember that a response calls for supported insights.


Etty Hillesum: “Thinking Heart of the Barracks.” Why is Hillesum referred to as the “thinking heart of the barracks” and what is her contribution to the role of women in religious thinking? Pay atten- tion to the sources that inform her thinking and the alternative wisdom that she offers. Do not get hung up on her relationship with S.

TRS 2243: Women and Religion

Jane Gooddall: “I Blurred the Lines.” What lines did Jane Goodall blur and what is the significance of her contribution as a woman and to women? Pay attention to the results of what she learned early about “circling thoughts” and the sources that inform her work.

Tenzin Palmo: “Like a Wild Swan”: What is the role of compassion and attention in Palmo’s under- standing and how does her understanding and practice of meditation influence the role of women in Buddhism? Pay attention to the process Palmo describes and the practice required to become aware.

Helen Prejean: “It Opened Like a Rose?”: What sources and yearnings inform Prejean’s work on ending the Death Penalty and how does her work impact/interrupt our understanding of the “Other”? Pay attention to the way inclusiveness leads to a fuller understanding of the meaning of Christianity than is currently associated with some mainstream or fundamentalist practices?


Formatting (points are lost for not following these directions): Essay must be double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font, number pages, and always cite correctly. Failure to cite correctly (using MLA) will result in a significant loss of points. No Works Cited needed.

Grading Criteria for Synthesis 3: Keep these in mind as you write the Synthesis.

Quality of answer to questions about each woman profiled; uses text to support answers and discussion.Accurately paraphrases and captures the argument, discussion in your own words.2/3 synthesis and 1/3 critical response and analysis.

Quality of analysis and response – demonstrates thinking about ideas; supports any and all opinions.Style: writing is engaging, interesting, and academic. Random or vague opinion is avoided. Correct citation and formatting in-text. No Works Cited is needed.

Minimal spelling and grammatical errors.

If you need any help, please plan ahead and make an appointment with me so that I can help. Do not wait until just a couple of days before it is due to complete this assignment – it requires reading, good note taking, thinking, drafting an outline and revising your draft.

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