hello, the assignment is on the attachment. thanks

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the assignment is on the attachment.


hello, the assignment is on the attachment. thanks
MGT 1004 Brainstorming Form What is Your Bright Idea – Name Replace with yours Replace gray text with your responses Your Business Idea Here is where your business idea goes—what is your product or service. Does it fit within the guidelines of a small business as defined in the first week of class? Consumer Benefit/Value Proposition What is the benefit your product or service provides to the consumer? Key Activities What will be the most important activities in your business—the ones most central to your doing the job right and making the business successful? Key Roles What positions do you need to fill to cover your intended hours of operation and to be successful? How many individuals are necessary? FT/ PT? Key Resources/ Licenses What resources or licenses are needed for the operation? Refer to Chapter 3 to find six types of resources? Core Competencies When you think how your solution value gives your firm a distinctive competence over competitors, you’re considering issues related to technical feasibility. Customer Relationships What will you do to take care of your customers that sets you apart from the rest. Location of Operation Where do you plan to locate business operations? Will this be Internet- based, out of your home, or a retail storefront? Customer Segments/ Target Market Note there is often more than one type of customer. Each type is called a customer segment, (also known as a Target Market) and each will have a different problem and need a solution and value proposition that fits his or her situation. Channels: How will you get your product or service to the consumer Revenue/ Costs?

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