Need an research paper on selecting a media coverage: internet. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Need an research paper on selecting a media coverage: internet. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism.

With advancing technology and trends, it is accurate to assert that the internet is the future of media coverage. The use and application of the internet as media coverage in an organization setting varies from personal view and usage. What are the different views between the personal and a manager’s view on the use of media coverage?The use of the internet is basically directed by the coverage need of a person. The use of the internet to sustain this need is not specified or formal. The personal use of the internet is not directed by a shared need by another person or organization.

For this reason, the internet allows for a person to personalize the use of the media coverage. For instance, a person may use their website for personal purposes and not directed by the need to satisfy a formal requirement. For example, a website may use images that do not generally portray a social moral standpoint. This freedom increases the way in which a person can use the internet. Brown asserts that this feature is different from an organization in that an institution has to use the internet to sustain the provisions of the mission and vision statements of the organization (101).

This limits the extent to which the manager may personalize the media coverage. In addition, a person’s use of the coverage could be for the purpose of fun and socialization. For instance, the modern-day person has at least one active social networking site. From these social sites, the views present only the opinion of the user. Farivar points out the personal user holds the right to posting and opinionating the content shared through their internet coverage (41). The audience of the coverage also understands the versatility level of personal managed internet coverage.

Consequently, the expectation from the viewer is not directed by an expected result or desired outcome.In an argument by Bhunia, the design of internet coverage from a personal perspective varies from a managerial point of view (119). The internet provides the ability to use different cover designs for the efficiency of the target audience. Regardless of the provision, the design of the coverage is normally based on the need to make access to information easier and efficient.

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