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Need help with my writing homework on Undeniable Merits and Limitations of Social Networks. Write a 1250 word paper answering; Evidence of human social character is evident in their ancestors as they used to live in groups. Therefore, as sociologists retort humans are social animals. When people live in certain cities, as well as regions, networks are formed, and humans tend to want to live in networks of their king. Therefore, social networks can be referred to as the grouping of people in the same group or community based on similar interests. People live in diverse networks depending on space and time. they always try to come up with their social networks. To come up with these social networks, there is a need for accommodation that would make social interactions promising. Just like a statement in school permits scholars and tutors to interact within their educational social network, online network sites do the same by posing a platform without a place and time limitations for online social networking. This is the most commonly used form of social network today.

Wattanasupachoke (2011) works According to “success factors of online social networks, Journal of Global Business Issues” concentrates on triumph aspects of online social networking schemes (Wattanasupachoke, 2011). The noteworthy association amid triumphal aspects as well as outcomes of online social networks is explored. The possibility of the study stresses Thai E-commerce enterprises registered with are one of Thailand’s most renowned data providers of e-commerce (Wattanasupachoke, 2011). The company focuses mostly on the content aspect according to the success factors of social networks online. It offers up-to-date and accurate information aimed at the online user, and this leads to amplified competitive benefits and results via a successful online social network.&nbsp.Rendering to the interactions between victory factors and results of online social networks, content influences considerably stimulate all key outcomes entailing of the figure of active operators, customer perception, as well as brand parity.&nbsp.

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