Discuss the USA Patriot Act and FISA

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Patriot Act and FISA

USA Patriot Act came about after 9/11. The Act remains in use today
with some slight modifications. On the other hand, FISA has been in use
since the mid-1970s. Both Acts are highly controversial and are foreign
to the average citizen. National security always requires a balancing
act between freedom and security. As the saying goes, freedom is not

In a well-written paper, describe the primary elements
and/or components of the USA Patriot Act and FISA and research how the
media has conveyed the main messages and elements of both acts. Has the
media portrayal and general public perception of these Acts been
accurate? Based on what you have learned about both acts, were your
prior knowledge or perceptions about these two acts accurate? Explain
your findings. Finally, discuss if you believe we are more secure with
these acts in place. When answering this portion of the assignment
consider how many (or how few) terror attacks we have had on U.S. soil
since 9/11. Support your position with evidence.

Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length and Cite at least three credible outside sources for support.

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