Population Trends and Retail Planing

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In a written submission, using APA formatting, answer the following questions:

  1. Between
    2010 and 2050, what type of retailers will be most affected by changes
    in the ethnic makeup of the population? Will these same retailers be
    affected by the changing age distribution?
  2. It
    is important for a retailer to understand that as boomers age, they
    change their shopping behavior. Can you provide one example from current
    events where a retailer successfully adapted to this changing behavior?
    Can you provide an example where a retailer hasn’t done a good job of
    adapting to these changes?
  3. Which
    recent trend—parents returning to live with their children or children
    returning to live with their parents—is going to have the most
    significant impact on retailers? What can retailers do to take advantage
    of these trends?

Please cite any outside sources.

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