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Attached is the assignment and at the bottom is the intro.


In the Corporate Profile Project you will be asked to create a report in which you will provide answers to questions asked about the selected company and its financial condition, based on the facts provided in its most current annual report. Your report concludes with an opinion as to whether an investment of $10,000 should be made in the selected company.

Open the attached file to view the project details. Please submit your project report as a Word document, using the layout of the report as shown on pg. 3.

ALL questions must be answered, even if the answer is that the question is not applicable to the selected company. The answers to Questions 1- 27 must be in complete sentences, and must read like a report.

Questions 28-30 each should be answered in separate paragraphs.

You must provide lURL links to the Annual Report and to the article reviewed in the report – use a Biliography page to present these links.

Note: This assignment will be submitted for plagiarism detection.  You may not copy and paste any part of your submission, (not even from the text book) unless it is quoted and cited.  Your submission must return less than 20% similarity index in order to be graded.

 just remember it has to be done as a report not answered in numerical order.


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