Executive summary 1 to 1.5 pages

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(1 to 1.5 pages (per team member) covering talking points in an brief and informative manner. There is very little room for “fluff” here. format should be as following example. you are free to create the headers that best drive the focus (long example please note continued info below example. While doing your Ex Sum keep in mind visual ads that may need to be used in PPT.

OBRA e-z is a software development
and customer support company that produces high quality, value-added, feature
enriched, user-friendly software and delivers real-time customer support and
management know how to the long-term resident care market.  OBRA e-z
software collects government standard Minimum Data Set (MDS) 2.0 criteria,
scheduling information, survey information for government audits, quality
indicator information, care-plan and financial program information, and
generates real-time management information reports and data sets to efficiently
manage long-term care facilities and electronically transmit MDS 2.0
information to state governments.  Our mission is to provide these
services to our customers at a cost far below the cost savings they will

The keys to success for OBRA e-z

1.  Investment capital to upgrade software to Windows
environment and add functionality to enrich features, increase functionality,
and deliver a value-added product that produces cost savings for customers that
far exceed the product cost.

2.  Aggressive marketing to introduce long-term care providers
to the significant cost/benefit advantages of OBRA e-z.

3.  Product quality, ease of use, world-class customer service
and support.

4.  Price competitiveness.


OBRA e-z, Inc. is a Subchapter S
Corporation engaged in the development, sale, service and maintenance of
software solutions for the long-term care market.

OBRA e-z’s President and Chief
Operating Officer, Ken Smitzhe owns 30% of the shares.  The remaining shares are owned by Tod
Smitzhe (20%), Chief Financial Officer, Susan Smitzhe (20%), Director of
Operations, Tad Smitzhe (20%), Director of Product Development, and Betty
Smitzhe, (2%), Director of Product Development – Master Link.  8% of the stock is held by the

Spectrum Health Services developed
the OBRA e-z software in 1986 to address the needs of long-term care facilities
to maintain a computer based medical records system that integrated with early
versions of the MDS and survey reports. 
In later years when HCFA revised MDS 1.0 to MDS 2.0, Spectrum upgraded
the OBRA e-z software to comply with MDS 2.0 specifications and improve functionality.  Spectrum sold all rights to the software
to an investment group in May 2000. 
The investment group formed the Subchapter S Corporation, OBRA e-z, Inc.
in January 2001.

OBRA e-z, Inc. has since
increased the customer base from 16 to 69 licensed customers. Plans are
underway to upgrade the DOS-based software to the Windows platform and add
significant functionality that will create the “Enterprise Software Solution
that will be a total turnkey system for the management of long-term care

What your writing is THE SWOT ANALYSIS an executive summary to the board of directors in regards to Stryker.    Also a 1 slide ppt in regards to this analysis.

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