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The purpose of this discussion is to help you investigate the ethical theories of Western philosophical thought. Prepare and post a response to the following prompt:

  • Identify and define each of the three dominant ethical theories in Western philosophy. Describe a situation that you have faced recently that presented an ethical dilemma. How would you evaluate this situation and your actions to determine if they were good or virtuous under each theory?
  • What duties would each theory impose on you if your aim was to act in a way that is good or virtuous in the situation you just described? 260 words
  • ————————————————————————————————————————————

Define what a theory is. What is the goal of a theory? What are the components of a theory? identify two of the components and describe the relationship between them. Relativism or Utilitarianism

Describe how you can know if a theory is valid. What is evidence or data? Where does evidence/data come from? What role does evidence/data play in understanding a theory? describe what sort of data might be useful in testing this theory. How might you collect this data? 

Contrast a theory from a personal belief. What are the practical uses for a theory, and what are the practical uses for beliefs? Which is more likely to represent a bias, a theory or a belief? explain how the theory differs from personal beliefs. Offer examples of personal beliefs that contrast with the components of the theory.  250 words

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