Help ! read all the things required 1. Temporality and movement: social life is in contstant flux. Different repetitions, different interruptions shape the texture of everyday life. Our time is encap

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Help ! read all the things required

1. Temporality and movement: social life is in contstant flux. Different repetitions, different interruptions shape the texture of everyday life. Our time is encapsulated in (or passes in tangeant to) holidays and political-cultural events, collective/individual/nonhuman memories and socialized projects.

Analyze how social relations, identities and groups are constructed as series of configured movements and temporalities in your field. What aspects personal ans social life are expressed in these times? Which affects, memories, and thoughts? Use sections 5 through 7 (you can extend your review to section 8 on witness) Use Akerman’s News From Home, Foucault on discipline, Marx on modes of alienation. Minimum 2 references.

2. People often talk of changing the world and making a difference. But world is already changing and social differences are multiplied each day. How do you analyze the changes brought to social norms and structures (e.g. capitalism, gender roles, aesthetics etc.) in your field? How would you further shape these changes if you were to given the capacities? What capacities would those be? Use Minimum 2 references.

3. Discuss the role of image and text on digitally mediated social world from the perspective of Nietzsche’s thoughts on truth and lies in extra moral sense.

Pick two. Write 2 single-space, 1-page essays; 2 page in total. Be concise.

Remember, these are prompts. The main task is to show that you can discuss your field and relate your findings to other works. Capture what’s most important and what stands most relevant to the prompt. Use your imagination, make associations, and use your rhetorical skills to bring your field to life.

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