Choose one of the following prompts and create a PowerPoint Presentation to address the requirements. I have attached the outlines and objectives for reference if needed. Your PowerPoint must have a

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Choose one of the following prompts and create a PowerPoint Presentation to address the requirements. I have attached the outlines and objectives for reference if needed.

Your PowerPoint must have a title slide with a title for the presentation and your name.  You must have at least six content slides, a slide with citations for the images you include, and a slide with citations for your source material / documents.  You will have, therefore, a minimum of nine slides.

You must provide appropriate APA sources.

Although this is a PowerPoint Presentation, you must provide full sentences rather than phrases.  This requirement is in place of a written or audio script.  Each content slide must have at least five sentences to explain your choice.  Before beginning your explanations, you need to identify your person, event, place, etc. as a sort of subtitle for the slide.

You are welcome to choose your background, font, font color, etc.  Your work must be easily readable, though.

The presentations will be graded using this rubric.

  1. Themes.  Choose one of the following themes and offer an example of it from at least four different weeks’ readings.  Provide one slide explaining how the theme changed over time and another explaining how it stayed the same.  (Example slide layout:  title, example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4, how it changed, how it stayed the same, image bibliography, source bibliography = 9 slides)
  • Greed
  • Military technology
  • Education
  • Reasons for war / conquest
  • Philosophy (not religion)
  • Science
  1. Climate and Disease.  Discuss how climate and disease have shaped Western Civilization throughout our course through examples from at least four different weeks’ readings.  Provide one slide explaining which you think had the biggest impact and why and another slide explaining whether you think the same is true today.  (Example slide layout:  title, climate or disease 1, climate or disease 2, climate or disease 3, climate or disease 4, which had the biggest impact and why, which is most impactful today, image bibliography, source bibliography = 9 slides)
  2. Yearbook Superlatives.  Choose at least six of the superlatives listed below and offer your nominee and reasoning.  You must choose examples from at least four different weeks’ readings.  (Example slide layout:  title, superlative 1, superlative 2, superlative 3, superlative 4, superlative 5, superlative 6, image bibliography, source bibliography = 9 slides)
  • Best All-Around
  • Life of the Party
  • Most Unforgettable
  • Beauty and Brains
  • Best Clique (group of people)
  • Biggest Drama Queen (or King)
  • Most Upbeat Attitude

Choose one of the following prompts and create a PowerPoint Presentation to address the requirements. I have attached the outlines and objectives for reference if needed. Your PowerPoint must have a
OBJECTIVES CO-1: Analyze where, how, and why Ancient and Medieval civilizations developed. CO-2: Explain the rise and spread of major world religions. CO-3: Identify significant people and events in Western civilization. CO-4: Explain the issues between Church and State, both a politically and socially. CO-5: Recognize the rise of European states including political, social, and religious similarities and differences. OUTLINE Mesopotamia and the First Civilizations Define what makes a civilization and how humanity created them. Comprehend the development of civilization in the Fertile Crescent, Egypt, and elsewhere in theeastern Mediterranean. Compare and contrast civilizations in Mesopotamia and Egypt Ancient Greece Comprehend how the Greek polis developed and why it became the defining element of Greekcivilization. Describe how the Persian Wars led to the Golden Age of Athens and how the city was eventuallydefeated by Sparta in the Peloponnesian War. Describe the rise of philosophy through the teachings of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Explain how Alexander the Great was able to conquer his empire and why that empire fragmented afterhis death. Ancient Rome Comprehend how the Roman Republic rose to prominence first in Italy and then in the Mediterranean. Examine the structure of the Roman Republic, how it reached its height after the Punic Wars, and thenhow it crumbled by 44 BCE. Describe the reforms of Augustus and how they transformed Rome into an empire. Explain how the Pax Romana drove cultural development in the first and second centuries CE. Evaluate why and how Christianity would grow from a small Jewish sect into a major world religion. Comprehend how Roman society declined in the third and fourth centuries until it finally fell in the fifthcentury. Define how cultural mixing between Romans and Germans would lead to a new culture in the West Islam, Byzantium and Early Europe Compare developments in the West to the maintaining of Roman models in the Byzantine East. Describe how Islam was founded, how it spread so rapidly and how it melded politics and religion bythe eleventh century. Evaluate how the Byzantine Empire first flourished and then began to slowly disintegrate. Explain how Roman and German cultural ideals fused and melded into a new paradigm. Compare how the various Germanic kingdoms in Europe and the British Isles developed. Explain how the Carolingians overthrew the Merovingians and forged a new Western empire. Describe how the reign of Charlemagne established political stability and encouraged culturalflowering. Comprehend what brought the Carolingian Empire to an end and how the feudal system replaced it The Catholic Church and the Crusades Describe how the Church engaged in a reform program and asserted itself over the developingmonarchies of the time.. Explain how the crusading movement began, developed, and changed over two hundred years. Compare how the various medieval kingdoms developed their own institutions and interacted with theirpeople and each other. Describe the intellectual and artistic endeavors of the era. Explain how the Church expanded its power and influence throughout the thirteenth century. The Renaissance Analyze how the “Calamitous Fourteenth Century” brought about the end of medieval society. Comprehend the development of Renaissance humanism and how it gave rise to the cultural explosionof the Renaissance Describe how political institutions reacted to the crises of the fourteenth century and the Renaissance Expansion, Reformation and Religious Warfare Recognize the forces behind the Age of Exploration and how it transformed Europe Explain how the career of Martin Luther created the religious revolution known as the Protestant Reformation. Describe how and why the Reformation fragmented and gained strength in certain areas of Europe. Examine how the Catholic Church responded to the Protestant Reformation. Analyze how the various states of Europe responded to the religious crises. Comprehend the causes and effects of the religious wars of the later fifteenth century. Explain how secular and scientific worldviews were born out of this period of turmoil.

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