Please see attachment for assignment

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Please see attachment for assignment

Please see attachment for assignment
creating graphs by making a chart or table using data from the CDC on leading causes of death by state. The following resource provides data for this assignment: National Center for Health Statistics. Mortality Data. Centers for Disease Control. Retrieved from Excel Activity Create a new Excel spreadsheet. Title it “Excel 1_YourLastName” Merge & center cells A1 & B1.

 Type “Death Rates (any state of your choosing in parenthesis)” On column A cell 2, start typing the five top causes of deaths from the top down (select one state of your choosing besides Alabama): Heart disease, Cancer, Pulmonary disease, Accidents, and Alzheimer’s.
   Number of deaths (Alabama) Heart disease 2712630 Cancer 595930 Respiratory disease 155041 Accidents 146571 Alzheimer’s 110561 Using Alabama as an example you would record the following data for column B: Heart disease: 2712630 Cancer (neoplasms): 595930 Respiratory diseases (chronic lower): 155041 Accidents (unintentional): 146,571 Alzheimer’s: 110561 Select cells A1 & B1 and paint it a color of your choosing. Highlight cells A2-6 and cells B2-6, click on the insert tab, and select pie (2D pie) Click on your chart and select “chart title” then “chart element.” From the drop down, select “above chart.” Type in Number of Deaths (state) as the pie chart title. Select a different state and create a column graph. After you have entered your data for your second state, highlight the two columns with types of deaths (same top 5 as first graph) and number of deaths. Insert a column graph. After you have entered your graph, add a title above the graph the same way you did with the first state. Submit a Word document with both graphs. Summarize the results of each graph and address the following questions: What did you find out from your work? (make data comparisons between states and at the national level). What is the best way to summarize your data and then display it? Why? SLP Assignment Expectations For this SLP assignment you will submit two separate documents: your Excel spreadsheet with both data and graphs, and a properly formatted Word document approximately 1-2 pages in length summarizing your results (the total length does not include title page or reference page).

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