Purpose: Select and research a healthcare registry that interests you. Summarize for your classmates its purpo

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Purpose:  Select and research a healthcare registry that interests you.  Summarize for your classmates its purpose, composition and desired outcomes.  Identify areas where HIM can play an important role in the management of healthcare data.

Choose any registry that you are interested in (there are 100s).

Click here to go to a resource if you are stuck and need an idea.

Start your research by reading 3-4 journal articles on your chosen registry or articles about challenges on  maintaining a registry (data integrity, privacy and security, etc)

Search for your registry on YouTube and watch a video, if applicable.

Search for your registry on TedTalks and watch the presentation, if applicable.

Submit a 2-3 page paper (double spaced) for this assignment and then also go to the DB area and follow the instructions there as well.

In your paper let me know things like:

the basics of the registry

why it is being used

who uses it

when was it created

what examples can you think of where HIM can be effective in these areas

success story and/or interesting facts

please include all citations/resources used

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