hi i want you to complete this assignment Required Texts: Hughes, Aaron and Russel McCutcheon. Religion in Five Minutes. Sheffield: Equinox Publishing, 2018. Partridge, Christopher. Introduction t

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i want you to complete this assignment

Required Texts:Hughes, Aaron and Russel McCutcheon. Religion in Five Minutes. Sheffield:Equinox Publishing, 2018.Partridge, Christopher. Introduction to World Religions. Second Edition: revisedby Tim Dowley. Minneapolis: Fortress Press Editions, 2013.

You have chosen a chapter from Partridge and two related chapters from Religion in FiveMinutes.Your task is to tell me what “they” say in a précis (long summary): that is, a condensed re-presentation of the information. Start by summarizing the Partridge chapter; then the twoReligion in Five Minutes chapters.Frame the author into the discussion regularly.Your conclusion is to explain how these sources relate to each other:that is,– where does the information and the approach taken in each source converge? Diverge?Do they complement each other? Do they contradict each other? Do they bear little relationto each other? What have you learned from this comparison about this topic?Simply report this – to show you comprehend the issue and the various perspectives offered.

Submit it in a concise, fluent MLA style.

Your assignments require research in academic peer reviewed texts.Google is not an acceptable source





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