Please write the questions and answers.

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Please  write the questions and answers.

Please write the questions and answers.
Please WRITE at least 500-750 words  from this quote “Created amongst disabled people, not because of the effects of the functional limitations on their capacities for self-care, but because their lives are shaped by a variety of economic, political, and social forces which produces this dependency.” HINT: If you initially complete the assignment on your computer, write at least 1½ -2 double-spaced pages for THIS REFLECTION. You, then, can CUT and PASTE your quotes and reflections into the assignment’s text entry box. It’s fine if the text is single-spaced in your submission. If your text is single-spaced in the text entry box, be sure there is a space between each paragraph. What are some of your thoughts related to the quotes you presented above? It’s fine to focus on one or two of the quotes.  Especially for those of you going into the medical field, I encourage you to reflect on the MEDICAL MODEL of disability for at least part of your response. Do you see any advantages to that model? What ethical concerns do you have about working with patients primarily from that model?  Please write at least 200 words on this topic. “ Crip Camp a Disability Revolution.” This is the link to the video of the Crip Camp and the Disability Revolution: You don’t need to watch the whole video but it gives you information on what this is all about.

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