Preparation for Writing Paper 1:   Review course materials on gender and the American family. Watch the Documentary Gender Fluidity (CNN’s This Life):

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Preparation for Writing Paper 1:

Review course materials on gender and the American family.

Watch the Documentary Gender Fluidity (CNN’s This Life): (Links to an external site.)

Focus on the questions below while watching and take notes.

Your notes will help provide more detail for your answers and analysis.

Your paper should include the following:


Explain what the documentary about by using the following questions as a guide.

What does the documentary say about the ways in which gender influences family life?

What message does the documentary have about gender as a social construct.

Overall Body of Paper

This is where you bring in course materials while discussing gender socialization and gender roles in the American family. This is where you also include stories or examples from the documentary. Also think about the following:

1. What role does the media play in gender socialization?

2. How are gender stereotypes perpetuated in school, among peers, and within family relations?


Why does this documentary matter? Give us a summary of what you observed.

Reference Page

Include a reference page with the documentary listed and class sources you used.

You may also bring in outside sources (not required).

An excellent place to start is the “Web of Science DatabaseLinks to an external site.”, which you can access via the FAU library website (you do not have to be on campus to access the database – you will just have to log in via off-campus access).

If you are a fan of Google, be sure to check out the library’s tailored google scholar search. It allows you to access the content available through FAU directly and request it via inter-library loan (again a login is required to do this off campus).

You must list your four resources in reference formatting APA or ASA.

Don’t forget that the librarians are available to help you with your searches!

Following Directions

Paper 1 should be 2-3 pages in length.

Make sure that all of the required information is clearly detailed.

Here is what we will use to score your paper:

You will earn an A if you your paper meets all the required parts; Your references are in APA or ASA formatting; and have a strong intro that includes the answers to the guiding questions, a compelling literature review and examples, followed by a strong conclusion. Use in-text citations.

You will earn a B if you turn in a good paper 1, but are missing minor parts and/or formatting is off.

You will earn a C if you are missing details (or parts) in one of the sections of paper 1. Your work is difficult to follow or sloppy, your intro/conclusion is weak.

If you earn a D or F, this means you are missing significant details or sections from Paper 1.

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