Proposal Change Topic: Reimplementation of bedside shift reportMake an outline of Section V (Evaluation Plan) of your Change Proposal.In your evaluation plan post, be sure to cover the following: Pro

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Proposal Change Topic: Reimplementation of bedside shift reportMake an outline of Section V (Evaluation Plan) of your Change Proposal.In your evaluation plan post, be sure to cover the following: Propose steps for evaluating your suggested changes based on your change theory and evidence on existing best practices. Include the indicators that you will use to measure success, both in implementing the change itself and in ensuring quality outcomes for diverse patients. Identify appropriate benchmarks from which to measure the effectiveness of the change. Discuss the processes you will use for gathering feedback from relevant stakeholders—including nurses, patients, and their families—on what is and is not working in order to support continuous improvement.

Proposal Change Topic: Reimplementation of bedside shift reportMake an outline of Section V (Evaluation Plan) of your Change Proposal.In your evaluation plan post, be sure to cover the following: Pro
Running head: REIMPLEMENTATION OF BEDSIDE SHIFT REPORT 1 Reimplementation of Bedside Shift Report Student’s name Instructor Course Date Introduction My present work environment has neglected to comply with The Joint Commission principles concerning patient-focused care and struggling to improve patient fulfillment scores based on Press Ganey overviews. Thus, my proposal plan will focus on the implementation of bedside shift reporting to facilitate collaboration between staff, patients, and relatives, promoting patient commitment and improve patient recognition, experience, and fulfillment. The reason for implementing the bedside shift report is basically to meet patients’ satisfaction by monitoring their wellbeing situations since they listen to their wellbeing report as medical caretakers change shifts; reduced expenses by removing additional time pay and scrubbing off legal errors which bring about lawful charges, and improving quality of health care by allowing patients and relatives to contribute their emotions on their wellbeing and that of their friends and family (Meyers, 2020). Justification of Need During the change of shift report, lack of proper communication has resulted in about 65% of sentinel events (Joint Commission, 2016). With healthcare’s focus shifted to patient-centered care, many concepts and proposals have come about to improve the patient experience. With my facility needing to improve upon patient experience and satisfaction, the goal for my clinical practice project was to implement a change that would positively affect all involved, including the patient and their families, nurses, and the organization. Pre-Implementation Plan In this proposal, I decided to use Lewin’s theory of planned change to ensure that my project implementation will be successful and achieve its primary purpose. Lewin’s Theory of Change is straightforward and execute as it centers on changing people’s behaviors. Support from the organization group and key leaders to the nursing staff during the moving and refreezing stages is fundamental for the viability and consistency of the change. Our facility’s mission is to care, serve, and heal with a mission to provide world-class care to our patients and community. Right now, there is no standard in nurse handoffs or changes in inpatient care. Every unit unexpectedly performs shift change handoffs. During transitions in care, patients are being ignored and left unattended. Patients are avoided from accessing their plan of care, frequently not realizing what prescriptions they are on, what they are going after, where their treatment plan is going. My proposed solution to improve patient perception, experience, and fulfillment was to execute mandatory bedside shift reporting for medical attendants. The objective of the bedside shift is to promote a more patient-centered approach to care (Meyers, 2020). When implementing the plan, education and tip sheets are to be provided to each attendant, and afterward, everyone to take an interest in bedside shift reporting for both day and night shifts. The nursing staff has to be watched, approved, studied, and assessed during shift change implementing bedside shift reporting. Direct feedback on how the patients felt about the new adjusting process, their preferences of the procedure, and what should be possible contrastingly to improve their experience during a move change has to be recorded. Lastly, I must assess the staff’s thoughts and emotions on bedside reporting and evaluate criticism from the patients with the team and make changes accordingly. My proposal will engage different healthcare professionals such as case managers, social workers, physical therapists, physicians’ assistants, nurse practitioners, and physicians. My central organizational resource will be the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ). The agency will align with my hospital’s mission of providing quality care, safer healthcare, affordable, accessible, and equitable care. Also, my plan should comply with standards highlighted by other stakeholders such as the U.S department of health and human services to ensure evidence-based care is the ultimate aim of the program (Grimshaw et al., 2016). References Grimshaw, J., Hatch, D., Willard, M., & Abraham, S. (2016). A qualitative study of the change-of-shift report at the patients’ bedside. The health care manager, 35(4), 294-304. Joint Commission. (2016). Guide to Patient and family engagement in hospital quality and safety. Meyers, S. (2020). Bedside Shift Report Improves Patient Safety.

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