Sex Offenders and the Internet 1. Conduct research and summarize a criminal case involving an internet predator. Choose a case other than Jordan James Kirby. Be sure and address the typology of the

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Sex Offenders and the Internet

1. Conduct research and summarize a criminal case involving an internet predator. Choose a case other than Jordan James Kirby. Be sure and address the typology of the sexual offender involved in the case you chose.

2. What are some of the investigative challenges faced when attempting to capture internet predators? Consider issues you may face as the crime scene investigator collecting physical evidence containing digital evidence (i.e. computer, cellphone) as well as challenges the digital forensics expert working a case may face.


Typologies of Rapists

Most typologies of sexual offenders suggest that victimization is linked to the specific type of sexual assault. Characteristics we look at to categorize rapists include:

Intrafamilial child offenders – child sex offenders can be categorized by the relationship they have with the victim such as an uncle or grandfather. Parents are excluded from this typology. Studies show that intrafamilial offenders are less likely to be violent (Delcea, 2020). Intrafamilial abusers also have been found to be less psychopathic and are less likely to be diagnosed with pedophilia.

Extrafamilial child offenders – search for victims such as a neighbor or friend’s child. that are unknown to them and are more likely to be violent and repeat offenders. These types of offenders are often diagnosed with pedophilia (Delcea, 2020).

Degree of aggression – rapes by a stranger have been found to be more violent than acquaintance rape because the offender is excited by the experience of overpowering their victim.  The power rush is what satisfies them sexually rather than the physical assault.  This is often seen in cases of elderly rape cases.  Extreme violence is associated with elderly rape and often results in lifelong injuries to victims.  Acquaintance rapists are more coercive in their attack and not opportunistic as in the case of date rape (James & Proulx, 2020).

Circumstances; impulsive vs. planned – rapists that are impulsive are typically antisocial, use aggressive methods to control victims (such as a knife to the throat), and often are drug users.  Sexual offenders who meticulously plan their attacks and experience violent fantasies about their victims are categorized as sadistic rapists.  Typically, only 5% of all rapists are sadists who crave the experience of torturing the victim while sexually assaulting them (James & Proulx, 2020).

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