Students will write a 2-3 page paper in APA format about their area of interest in OT. Students will conduct a database search and print a list of 5 peer-reviewed articles published within the last 10

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Students will write a 2-3 page paper in APA format about their area of interest in OT. Students will conduct a database search and print a list of 5 peer-reviewed articles published within the last 10 years. Students should select at least one research article from a professional journal to include in the paper and they may complement with information from a textbook or a reputable website, cite, and reference them accurately using APA format. Students will include researched information from the relevant sources with accurate paraphrasing and in-text citation following APA format.

Students will write a 2-3 page paper in APA format about their area of interest in OT. Students will conduct a database search and print a list of 5 peer-reviewed articles published within the last 10
Student Name Institution Course Name Instructor Name Due Date Healthcare: Geriatrics Medicine Geriatrics is the division of healthcare that concentrates on people’s distinctive necessities as they grow old. Comparable to paediatricians focus on the medical requirements of children, geriatricians focus on the health necessities of older individuals (Bellelli, et al. 2020). Geriatricians also regularly work along with an entire team of associated geriatrics health experts, together with physician assistants, social workers, pharmacists, nurses, and many others. Due to aging, changes that take place mean that older individuals have unique configurations of ailment exhibition when compared to younger grown-ups, and they react to cures and treatments in unique ways. Common health concerns experienced by the elderly consist of poor mobility and fragility, incontinence, delirium, and falls with or without injury (Ellis, et al. 2017). Geriatricians can operate within a variety of community-based health facilities and hospital situations, including rehabilitation wards, outpatient departments, care homes, medical assessment units, and intermediate and long term care wards. Geriatricians offer patient-driven, considerate, and universal medical approaches. They work closely with hand therapists to concentrate on dealing with critical issues impacting older people’s ability to use their hands and to go back to their work and lead a creative way of life. They also work with GPs, other medical experts, and social workers engaged in safeguarding for elderly persons comprising families and custodians. Analysis and managing the acute disease, as well as chronic illness, frailty, and disability, is all part of the practice (Dahl-Popolizio, et al. 2017). While teaching, geriatricians should enhance competency in end-of-life care or palliative, orthogeriatric, specialist stroke care, and healthcare planning, in addition to old age psychotherapy. Comprehending the ethical and legal issues involved with the work with old persons is significant, comprising appointment of power of attorney, mental health legislation, and guardianship. Provision of rehabilitation after a disease is an essential facet of the practice, and geriatricians will work along with other medical experts to empower patients to grind towards definite care objectives. Coming up with sufficient insight into physical cures, supports, and adaptations are essential (Lucchetti, et al. 2017). Geriatric care is valuable, as regularly small developments medical care position can have an incredible influence on elderly peoples’ quality of life. Although geriatric specialists appreciate the large remunerations that offer financial security, as a student, choosing this profession is driven by the vast personal and emotional benefits of assisting other individuals, as well as serving the community as a whole. When asked the motive for the selecting such a high-pressure and perplexing profession, it is a calling, instead of a way of making a lot of money. Medicine is a calling, which is more than profit-making businesses. It is the preferred profession because it unifies a pursuit for knowledge accompanied by the way to improve lives, relieve pain, and to serve the community. Practical communication skills are one of the most significant necessities of the profession, both communicating with families and patients, in addition to following directions. People who are suffering or sick patients usually are not in a position of reliable communication. Families and patients depend mainly on their medical expert for this form of care or safeguarding practice. For a competent medical expert, being supportive consists of being an active promoter for the patient when one expects a challenge or notices a concern that ought to be mitigated. Similarly, a great medical expert demonstrates excellent judgement and the ability to think faster to plan and address medical problems. References Bellelli, G., Inzitari, M., Segura, J. A. L., Morel-Bracq, M. C., & Bertholom, Y. M. (2020). Team, Occupational Therapist and Geriatrician. In Occupational Therapy for Older People (pp. 9-31). Springer, Cham. Dahl-Popolizio, S., Rogers, O., Muir, S. L., Carroll, J., & Manson, L. (2017). Interprofessional primary care: The value of occupational therapy. The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy, 5(3), 11. Ellis, G., Gardner, M., Tsiachristas, A., Langhorne, P., Burke, O., Harwood, R. H., & Wald, H. (2017). Comprehensive geriatric assessment for older adults admitted to hospital. Cochrane database of systematic reviews, (9). Lucchetti, A. L. G., Lucchetti, G., de Oliveira, I. N., Moreira-Almeida, A., & da Silva Ezequiel, O. (2017). Experiencing aging or demystifying myths?–impact of different “geriatrics and gerontology” teaching strategies in first year medical students. BMC medical education, 17(1), 35.

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