The following post is another student post to wish i have to reply. Please Make sure to add other information related to what the student posted. APA style 2 references and less than 20 % similarity L

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The following post is another student post to wish i have to reply. Please Make sure to add other information related to what the student posted. APA style 2 references and less than 20 % similarity

Leadership and management are intertwined concepts as one thrives off the other to create a more wholesome result. However, not all managers are leaders. A leader is a person that is followed by others because of a specific set of qualities and behaviors that evoke trust and sense of direction. Managers are people to achieve results from the work of others. Managers control and coordinate how things are done in a more administrative approach (Weiss, Tappen & Grimley, 2019).

Question 2

I believe leaders can be effective managers but most managers lack leadership as they follow rules and standards to achieve goals. Leaders are inspired and inspire others through motivation and encouragement. They draw from the strengths of others collectively to find solutions. Managers while effectively obtaining results are often focused on authority and completing of a task and not fostering an environment where employees can thrive (Weiss et al., 2019).

Question 3

The management style displayed in a nursing unit is transactional management. Transactional management focuses on offering rewards for tasks. It promotes motivation to achieve goals. Results are obtained and staff engagement is increased. The staff has a positive response to this style because it is a successful way to approach tasks that staff may not be willing to participate in such as overtime but providing bonuses or increased pay the target is met (Tian-Syung et al., 2019).

Question 4

To be a good nurse manager it is necessary to represent the staff by acknowledging concerns and actively engage to resolve them. An effective nurse manager is one that mentors the staff based on experience, is an information source between administrators and staff and vice versa, and also communicates effectively (Weiss et al., 2019).

Question 5

The nurse manager in the unit engages in many tasks pertaining to her role. Some of the interpersonal tasks are communicating with different disciplines within the unit such as staff nurses, administrators and patients. The decisional activities involve conducting employee performance reviews, awarding funds to cover necessary expenses while maintaining the budget, hiring new staff and coordinating the use of supplies to maintain the unit as cost effective as possible. The informational activities consist of sharing information with nurses and other members of the staff pertaining to policies or observations. (Weiss et al., 2019).

Question 6

Rewarding the staff for undertaking work in less than ideal conditions is a way to boost morale and show appreciation to the staff for continuing to put their best effort forward. Nurse managers are in the capacity to use their position to provide their employees with incentives such as vacation time, salary raise and recognition as a way to thank them for their contribution (Weiss et al., 2019). Creating opportunities for staff to engage with family and work-family as well in activities such as picnics or luncheons allows for a personal life and work balance (Miller, 2010). These rewards maintain a positive working environment and increase productivity.

Question 7

I have had great managers and not so great ones throughout my career, and I have learned from both types enough to understand what would make an ideal one. Understanding that there are always areas that need improvement, I believe a good manager is one that takes and allows initiative within the staff, provides autonomy and engages the staff in matters such as evaluation or providing feedback. A good manager upholds the values of the company and maintains a balance between staff and administration to promote their best interests. I once worked with a nurse manager who at the end of the week had a sit-down meeting with a group of employees and together, they would go over the events of the week and recognized areas that needed improvement. I think providing the staff with a space to debate their concerns and addressing those matters promptly rather than wait for a team meeting at the end of the month showed concern and respect from her part. Her commitment to staff satisfaction and work environment are qualities I valued. One of the aspects I think she could have improved was her lack of resources when it came to reward the staff which I believe was more of an administrative issue however the staff directly blamed her.

Question 8

I believe you become a good manager by first learning to manage yourself, your time and your tasks Weiss et al., 2019). Setting goals and achieving them, then you can use that experience to achieve the same from your employees. I have developed great time management skills over the years which I think allow me to focus on what is needed and not get distracted, I have learned communication techniques in the workplace that are effective when dealing with different people and also my creativity is a strong point that I use to motivate and bring people together. As management is a result of years of experience, I would like to improve my decisiveness and to do this I can get involved in different complex cases and test my ability to make decisions that address the matter with priority.

Question 9

In accordance with the law in the state of Florida for informed consent to be appropriate the patient must understand the reason of the procedure, the expected outcomes as well as the risks that are possible when undergoing the treatment and any alternative that is available including not choosing anything. Once the person understands these aspects then it can be said this person has been informed appropriately (n.d, 2020). Florida law acknowledges that in case of emergency where life can be put in danger a physician may act as to prevent death or complication without obtaining informed consents providing the patient is unconscious, unable to state decisions or a child (n.d., 2020).

Question 10

The Nurse Practice Act for the state of Florida under the section of Definition explains what is expected of the registered nurse and another section under the title of Violations and Penalties explains the conducts or actions that would put the nurse at risk for sanction or suspension of license (n.d, 2020).

Question 11

The Nurse Practice Acts includes rules and regulations that guide the way nurses practice within their scope of practice (Florida Nursing, 2020).

Question 12

Multistate licensure allows a nurse to practice in a state other than her own. This is an opportunity for flexibility in time of increased need of nurses such as the one we are facing currently. Another positive aspect of this is the use of telehealth medicine which allows nurses to respond to needs of patients over the pone at any time regardless of location. Some of the concerns of multistate licensure however, is the difference in rules and regulations that vary from state to state that can impact how a nurse performs in one place and another, also the difference in professional advancement requirements is different in all states (Florida nursing, 2020).

Question 13

Confidentiality more than a courtesy is a right of patients and it is a nurse’s job to provide the (Weiss et al., 2019). Ensuring confidentiality is a requirement for everyone involved in the care. This means information provided by the patient should not be disclosed to anyone who is not in direct care of this patient such as neighbors or relatives unless permission is granted by the patient. Also, information that is accessed from computers is subject to misplacement if computers are left open or charts are left at the nurse’s station in sight of everyone passing by for example. Therefore nurses should make sure to log off prior to leaving a computer unattended, frequently change passwords and not share them with anyone else. Nurses should also obtain authorization from patient prior to discussing health information with other people or refrain from discussing patient condition in front of visitors. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was passed in 1996 and it protects patients’ confidentiality and states that nurse’s are held responsible for information that is mishandled or inappropriately released (Weiss et al., 2019).

Question 14

Nurses can still protect patient information when sending it via fax or email, this is not the safest way, but it can be maintained by using a coversheet stating HIPPA statement of privacy. If you are the one receiving the fax make sure the machine is not placed visibly to others (HHS, 2015).

Question 15

The nurse is responsible for verifying that consents are signed and for being present as it is signed. Information regarding procedure, risks and options must be addressed by the doctor directly providing the service. The nurse’s role in informed consent is well within the scope because the nurse is trained to assess and advocate for the patient during consent by pointing out concerns or doubts and establishing the patient’s comprehension level of the procedure or treatment (Weiss et al., 2019).

Question 16

Carrying malpractice insurance is not mandatory however, it is a wise decision especially when involved in someone’s care as a part of a team. Some of the benefits of having liability insurance is the access to legal counsel in the event of a lawsuit and the assistance of a legal team to advocate for your needs (n.d, 2020).

Questions 17

An advance directive is an opportunity for a person to state decisions regarding their care to be carried out in the event they are no longer able to voice their choices. If someone has decided against certain life preserving measures or agrees with them, it should be stated in a legal document to prevent the opposite of what they want from happening. The difference in incidence between a sudden death and death from a prolonged disease is astounding, in preparations for the future a discussion should be had with a general practitioner regarding advance directives. When faced with decisions of remove life support or undergoing certain procedures, caregivers can suffer from stress or indecisiveness relating to this, an advance directive can relief the pressure from an already stressful situation and mostly improve the quality and dignity of life for the patient (Scholten, Bourguignon, Delanote, Vermeulen, Geert & Schoenmakers, 2018).

Question 18

I do not believe making overtime a mandatory aspect would be beneficial for nurses, managers or the patients receiving care. Demanding that a nurse stays due to shortage to work when she may be physically or mentally exhausted can incur in errors that can lead to adverse events or death in patients. Situations in which staff is required to take on an increased workload such as working overtime can reflect negatively in areas such as patient teaching or discharge planning which are often neglected due to the lack of time (Weiss et al., 2019). This can create a negative working environment, reduce productivity and increase risk for unsafety.


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