Discussion Question: Share your perspective on best practices on implementing the project presentation. Your initial posting should be 400 words in length and utilize at least one scholarly source oth

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Discussion Question:

Share your perspective on best practices on implementing the project presentation.

Your initial posting should be 400 words in length and utilize at least one scholarly source other than the textbook. Please reply to at least two classmates. Replies to classmates should be a minimum of 200 words in length.


1.    Practice Hours: each module has a minimum required practice hours related to your work on the main education project. Practice hours relate to time spent on project work (Discussion Board work does not apply). Document your hours for Module 6 in Project Concert. Access Project Concert. You should have an estimated 10-15 hours for this module. Minimum required hours must be entered into Project Concert for Module 6. Some states/entities require hour logs for certification or employment. It is the student’s professional responsibility to ensure all hours are entered correctly in order to meet these requirements. Please see the Project Concert directions document in the Learning Materials on how to enter hours.

2.    Put your project to work! Create materials for your presentation. These can include your speaker notes, infographic, PowerPoint for the presentation, or poster board. Hold the event at the designated and approved location. Take photos of yourself or record a short video of the location (this may be a table you have set up, a booth location or a meeting room). This will be the evidence that the event took place.

3.    Submit your presentation materials. You may submit up to 6 files with pictures of your tools you are using, such as posterboards, pictures of you presenting, your power point, your infographic, pictures of handouts, etc.

Discussion Question: Share your perspective on best practices on implementing the project presentation. Your initial posting should be 400 words in length and utilize at least one scholarly source oth
When implementing the project presentation, some of the best practices should be adhered to for this presentation’s success. First of all, I believe that defining the project’s scope and the project objectives should be the first step. Defining the project scope and objectives and ensuring the presentation covers the project’s goals is vital because it ensures adherence to the project’s objectives and guarantees its success. The second important step when implementing a project presentation is planning. Planning helps gather information about the target population, like their learning styles, ensuring the project is implemented best to fit the target population (Cameron, 2016). For example, the learning materials developed should reflect the target population’s learning style to ensure the message is delivered correctly. It would be ineffective to give a long talk to a group who prefer visual learning style. Finally, communication is an essential aspect when implementing the project presentation. According to Cameron (2016), a successful project presentation should entail using useful verbal and non-verbal communication gestures that the audience can relate to quickly. The project’s presentation to the target population should use simple terms, and all the complex and technical terms should be appropriately explained or avoided altogether. Learning or teaching materials should be provided to the target population to complement what the presenter covers. This ensures that the message is driven home by the speaker. It is worth noting that the presentation should take the shortest time possible since most people’s attention spam is deficient. Presenting for a long time could make the target population lose interest in the speaker, which renders the presentation futile. The presenter should have a way to assess the response of the target population after the presentation. References Cameron, S. (2016). Best practices for teaching children with dyslexia: A Presentation for Educators.
Discussion Question: Share your perspective on best practices on implementing the project presentation. Your initial posting should be 400 words in length and utilize at least one scholarly source oth
Response one Although implementing this project would have been far more in-depth within the community, the steps are much the same. After deciding what issue within my community I thought needed more pursuing, I began to research information to present and how I want to give it started. The first step for me was to narrow down the information that I felt was most important to a person who may already feel overwhelmed with the changes being asked of them. After deciding on the pertinent information, I thought about how I would want the information presented to me if the shoe were on the other foot. If I had been able to present within the community, I would have implemented a relationship with the diabetic clinic run through the hospital I am employed with. Unfortunately, this is not an essential program, and at the moment, it is shut down, so this was not a possibility. I believe that to reach any group of individuals within a community, a collaborative effort with other organizations or persons with the same goal is the best route to take. The more knowledge on the educational material and the more people working together toward a common goal, the better and broader range of people can be reached. Whether presenting in our homes or presenting in a community setting, building a trusting relationship between your collaborators as well as developing this relationship with the community members is the most critical step. It is easy to feel attacked or put down when taking criticism from your health care provider about how you live or how you manage your health; this can cause an instant guarded attitude. Establishing trust and showing that you are there to help encourage small attainable goals toward a healthier lifestyle will ease a tense conversation and let the educated group know that you are there to help. If I had to choose the second most crucial step in preparing this presentation, it would be respect and cultural sensitivity. Knowing your audience is a critical step in understanding the proper way to present information and education without risking your words offending with one of your participants. Understanding that different cultures see “the normal” as what is recognized to be standard within how they were taught and grew up. Change is about improving yourself, but it is also about modifying a person’s lifestyle and everything they know as their norm, and it is not always an easy task. Taking small steps and providing encouragement or praise can go much further than preaching the way it must be. Response 2 We have finally come to the time of implementing and presenting our projects. I enjoy classes that are set up this way so that the entire course is focused on one main topic and project or paper. I feel that this is the best way to get in depth with a topic and use the different resources and incorporate the rest of the curriculum into our project topic. I have learned so much this way. My project is on obesity prevention and health promotion. I have been working with the first responders of Elon Fire Department for collaboration. My target audience is middle-aged adults. Originally, I would have presented my information at the Elon Fire Department to community members interested in this topic and improving their lifestyle. However, due to Covid-19, I will be presenting this information to my family members who are in or around this target age group. The captain of the Elon Fire Department will be present as well. I will be using a powerpoint presentation and hope to project it onto our flat screen TV for a better visual. I will also be providing handouts including a BMI chart, my infographic created last week, and recipes and meal plans from myplate.gov. The powerpoint presentation and handouts will cater to those who are auditory and visual learners. For those who are kinetic learners, I will assist whoever would like to calculate their BMI and their target maintenance or weight-loss calorie goal. When it comes to presenting the project, I am not as nervous as I would have been if I would have been presenting to community members who I have not met. However, I want to make the most of this opportunity and present as if things went according to plan and I was at Elon Fire Department. Best practices for project presentation that I would like to focus on the most include practicing beforehand, using font, color, and illustration to keep the attention of the audience, and using an outline with brief speaker notes so that the presentation is concise (Princeton University, n.d.). A good outline to follow is to start with an introduction and present the topic and objectives, to immediately follow with a brief amount of research that is related to the topic, and to finish with personal contributions to the topic (Princeton University, n.d.). This is plan I want to follow for my powerpoint and I would like to include personal stories from myself, my audience and to allow for questions throughout as well. Source: Princeton University. (n.d.). How to give a good presentation. Retrieved from https://www.princeton.edu/~archss/webpdfs08/BaharMartonosi.pdf

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