HLTH 110: Wellness for Life Health professional interview instructions DUE Monday 11.5.18 @ 2:30pm via Blackboard Purpose: The purpose of the health professional interview is to help you, and your cla

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  • HLTH 110: Wellness for Life

    Health professional interview instructions

    DUE Monday 11.5.18 @ 2:30pm via Blackboard

    Purpose: The purpose of the health professional interview is to help you, and your classmates,

    gain knowledge about careers in personal and community health. In addition, you will gain

    experience communicating health information. You can conduct an interview in-person, by

    phone, remotely via Skype or similar technology, or through email (note: email will require some

    back and forth communication, thus added time). Recall that wellness is multidimensional and

    many professions impact “health,” so “health professional” is a broad term. Obvious examples

    include physicians, chiropractors, nutrition professionals, fitness professionals, massage

    therapists, public and community health educators, nurses, etc. We will develop a list of

    acceptable careers in class and then randomly select one career per student. There can

    sometimes be overlap. For example, an orthopedic surgeon is a “physician” and a psychiatrist is

    a “physician,” but the careers differ substantially.


    1. Select an appropriate health profession . We will do this in class. If you are not in attendance

    then I will assign you a health profession.

    2. Conduct research on the career . Prior to scheduling the interview and developing a set of

    interview questions, you should search reputable internet sites to learn about the profession.

    Search professional organizations such as the American Medical Association, relevant

    certifying agencies, labor unions, and/or other profession-specific organizations. Those

    organizations will have information about the profession that will educate you about the

    profession and help you decide what to ask during your interview. Keep notes that

    documents your progress and what you learned from each website. One paragraph in your

    write-up should discuss the sources your found and how those sources informed your

    interview schedule.

    3. Develop an interview schedule . This involves generating a pre-determined number of

    questions that you will ask. The interview schedule should be considered “semi-structured.”

    That means you prepare some pre-determined questions but also ask new questions as the

    interview unfolds (e.g., follow-ups). For example, your interviewee might say something

    interesting and you want to learn more about the statement (i.e., a “follow-up” question).

    Ask! Do not feel stuck to your pre-determined questions. In fact, to exceed expectations you

    must ask follow-up questions. Minimally, achieve the goals of the interview portion of the

    assignment by addressing the points listed in a-e.

    a. Tell us about who you interviewed but use a pseudonym (i.e., fake name).

    Assignments that exceed expectations will provide details about how and why the

    person entered the profession.

    b. Educate the class about how one becomes involved in the career, including but not

    limited to education requirements, certifications, continuing education, etc.

    Assignments that exceed expectations will detail the interviewee’s thoughts about

    any relevant professional requirements.

    HLTH 110 | Souza | Fall 2018 1

  • c. Inform the class about expectations and advice for people entering the profession,

    including but not limited to, typical daily activities, rewards, and challenges of the

    profession, etc. Assignments that exceed expectations will clearly demonstrate a

    thoughtful line of questioning and provide unique details about the profession and

    the interviewee’s professional experiences.

    d. Answer questions from your classmates. Everyone will be required to ask one

    question to two different classmates. Only I will know who is asking a question after a

    particular interview so you will need to pay attention to each presentation. Insightful

    questions that demonstrate you were paying full attention are required to exceed


    e. Send a “thank you” email to the interviewee and cc me on the email.

    4. Complete an assignment summary that highlights your findings.

    a. Provide the data from part 2 above. This includes the list of resources you used to

    research the profession and descriptions of how the resources informed your

    interview. Assignments that exceed expectations will provide plenty of detail, clarity,

    and insightfulness. If a resource did not help you, explain that situation, too.

    b. Provide your interview schedule from part 3 above. Be clear as to the questions that

    were pre-determined and the questions arose during the interview (i.e., the “follow-


    c. Summarize the interviewee’s responses. You can transcribe responses verbatim,

    which is especially easy if you interview via email, or you can simply summarize the

    main findings for each question. Assignments that exceed expectations will include

    your own thoughts and experiences related to the interview. For example, if

    something surprised you or wish you asked something different, include that in the

    summary. Furthermore, assignments that exceed expectations will connect several

    details from the interview with relevant course material (e.g., material we have

    covered up to the due date).

    d. Conclude by completing the following sentence: “For someone looking to enter [the

    profession] my three recommendations/warnings are…” you do not need to include

    three recommendations and three warnings. Just three points which can be all

    recommendations, all warning, or a mix of recommendations and warnings. More

    than three points is acceptable.

    5. Give an informal presentation (at your seat) to the class regarding your work. In 4 minutes

    (plus or minus 30 seconds), not more nor less, summarize the most important information

    you gathered from the interview. Presentations that exceed expectations will be rehearsed

    (e.g., you will not need to look at notes) and make links to relevant course material.

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