Assignment Content Root Cause AnalysisNow that you have completed a Gemba Walk and have gathered information about the organization and identified opportunities to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce was

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Assignment Content

  1. Root Cause Analysis

Now that you have completed a Gemba Walk and have gathered information about the organization and identified opportunities to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce waste, improve a product, or streamline a process, it is time to take a closer look at these problems and get to the root cause of why they are happening.

  1. Additional Resources

For more information about how to use 5 Whys or a Fishbone diagram to conduct a root cause analysis, check out the following links:

  • 5 Whys: Getting to the Root of a Problem Quickly
  • Cause and Effect Analysis: Identifying the Likely Causes of Problems

My Gemba Walk:

Organization Summary

I conducted my Gemba Walk in my current workplace which is a restaurant. For the last few years, the restaurant has been developing at a good rate because of the current sustainable managerial strategies that have been put in place in the organization. Through the strategies, the restaurant offers the best home-made food in town which also aims at offering the customers the best price for the foods and drinks in the premises.

The main reason behind such a productive company is its friendly manager who has been able to board with the employees hence creating a very conducive working environment for all employees. The employees in return offers the right services to the customers has leading them to keep on coming back for more services from the restaurant.

Gemba Focus

I focused the Gemba on the restaurant developmental progress especially when it comes to increasing the current number of clients being served in the organization. This involved what is currently being done so that to retain the current clients and what might push them away. The focus was necessary for this context because of the many competitors. This will help in putting the company at a better competitive position.

Gemba Observations

Currently, the organization is offering similar services as the competitors which is a point of concern. The company does not offer special services which can be used to distinguish it with other competitors in the region.

Gemba Goal

The main goal is to come up with ways which will be used to different the restaurant and other competitors in the town. This goal is aimed at increasing the current number of employees and also retaining those who frequently depend on out services.

My Gemba walk was around the restaurant in all the departments beginning from the kitchen, some of the suppliers and those serving the clients. The management was also observed in the Gemba walk. (Aprell & Rafael, 2018)

What I Observed

In my observation, the first point is that those handling the kitchen department are straining because of the small space. The clients also appears to be uncomfortable because of the limited space in the restaurant. I also observed that the management takes too long before retraining the employees. The last training was conducted 11 months ago which means that there is a gap that needs to be closed.

The results from my observation indicate that there is need for change in some of the operations so that to provide better services to the clients. There is also need for expanding some of the sessions of the restaurant so that to provide better services to the clients. (Hafey, 2014).

Key Takeaways

1.     The restaurant must innovate better services which are not being offered by the competitors around the region.

2.     The restaurant should be expanded so that to accommodate more clients and several kitchen activities at the same time.

3.     Employees must be retraining every 5 months so that to enhance their skills in the current competitive world.

4.     Ways of improving the quality of services without increasing the cost of the services will also be important in retaining the clients.

Short-Term Opportunities

1.     Provide a better financial auditing strategy that will enhance accountability for all the incomes reserved in the company.

2.     Retraining the employees through the use of workshops on how to serve customers in the most appropriate manner.

3.     To create a temporary kitchen expansion which will accommodate more employees.

Long-Term Opportunity

Doubling the current size of the restaurant so that it can offer several services to several clients at the same time.

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