Colon cancer clinical case study

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Colon Cancer Clinical Case Study

Colon cancer clinical case study

A patient who had a colostomy for colon cancer returns to the clinic 3 weeks after discharge. She lives with her daughter and her grandchildren. She tells you that she is doing well with local stoma care and that her grandchildren help her work on her body image and she makes changes to her lifestyle. She also says that she has had many visitors and is glad that so many friends are helping her recover. You think she looks skinny, and when you weigh the patient, she weighs 40 pounds less than the day she was discharged, after the acute event. When you ask her what she’s eating herself, she’s a little reluctant, but she finally tells you that she hasn’t been eating much because having a bowel movement is uncomfortable and she’s afraid she might unstick her stoma.

How would you organize the information to answer these questions?

Example: Personal information, past history, genetics, laboratory and radiological tests, medications, possible questions that occur to you related to the condition.

1.Is this weight loss a concern?

2. Are your fears reasonable? Why or why not?

3. What suggestions can you make to improve your nutrition?

4. How could you coordinate your care to meet your needs?

5. Write the communication that you would carry out with the interprofessional team

using the SBAR technique.

6. SHARE questions are used to ensure patient-centered care

client. Do you think that these questions were used in this case? argue your

response. Look at the following electronic link for your discussion.

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