Client Indirect Letter

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choose Choice A or B 

Refusal Choice A

The situation:  You are a partner in an accounting firm.  The daughter (Reva Shayne) of one of your biggest clients has asked you for a favor that you must refuse.

Reva is president of Pi Phi Eta, a student business fraternity on the Middle Tennessee State University campus.  She asks you to speak on careers in public accounting at the organization’s annual banquet (to be held on December 12).

You must refuse because you will be attending an accounting seminar in Denver on that same day.  This seminar will focus on recent changes in corporate tax laws, and your firm handles many corporate accounts.  It is imperative that you attend that accounting seminar in Denver.

You start to write Reva a letter saying that you can’t make it, when you remember that your local CPA organization has a list of speakers.  You discover that Louise Murphy, a Nashville CPA with 15 years of experience, is the expert on careers in accounting and preparation for the CPA exam.

Write to Reva refusing the invitation.  You will use your name as a partner and make up the name of the partnership firm.  Make up the inside address information (using Reva Shayne and Pi Phi Eta).

Refusal Choice B

As a vice president of a financial services company (you name the company and create a letterhead), you serve many clients and they sometimes ask your company to contribute to their favorite charities. You recently received a letter from Carol Simmons asking for a substantial contribution to the National Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Association.   She is asking you to be a key contributor (donors who pledge $1,000).

On visits to your office, Carol has told you about the organization’s work with abused children.  She is active in the Murfreesboro and Rutherford County area as a CASA volunteer.  Carol has helped neglected children find safe, permanent homes.  She has told you that children with CASA volunteers are more likely to be adopted and find a permanent home.

You have a soft spot in your heart for children and especially for those who have been mistreated.  You sincerely want to support CAS and its good work, but times are tough and you can’t be as generous as you have been in the past. 

Your Task:

Write a refusal letter that maintains good relations with your client.

Use this address for Carol Simmons (1234 Main Street, Murfreesboro, TN 37130).

I will look at formatting, grammar, punctuation, typos (all of those nonverbal cues). 

A good letter will follow the indirect pattern and include all of the parts.

The letter is from you (use your name and your title is vice president).

You may want to visit CASA’s web site: 

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