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In 300 – 400 words, describe a major feature of communication in a African Americans as it is portrayed in the media. At this point we have looked at a great many perspectives on culture and communication, qualities that should be evident in media portayals of stories and persons common to the culture.

Identify the culture you are referring to and then the media artifact you are using.  Usually this would be a certain television show or a movie, but there are other mass media artifacts, such as books, billboards, news channels, sports channels, music lyrics, etc.  Now describe a major quality of communication that is being represented in the artifact in relation to what we have been studying in the class.  How does what you see or hear reveal something central about communication in these relationships in this culture?  Make sure your description is one that reflects the sorts of perspectives and language we have been using in the class.  For an example, what if the artifact were rap lyrics?  How do we see that culture’s collectivism, masculinity, time orientation, relationship with nature, values about family or the supernatural embedded in that communication artifact?  How do you get this out of those lyrics?

Make sure that you have two different text citations (with page number) and at least one citation from an outside source where you did find information about communication in your particular culture. Please give the word count at the end of your essay.  Remember, all essays must be posted by 

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