ICCC Media Intervention: Animation Video Discussion

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Throughout the semester, we have discussed important aspects of data and datafication and the ethical aspects of its collection, use, and reuse. We have explored how these processes impact areas such as privacy, sociality, identity and even freedom. It’s now your turn to explore these ideas further and on your own.

For your final project, you will create a media intervention (http://www.publicsphereproject.org/node/331) which highlights how datafication intersects with one of the following areas: privacy, racism and/or discrimination, self-determination, or personal freedom. A media intervention is a mechanism that inserts an alternative message into public consciousness, specifically one that contrasts with the typical messaging presented by media companies and platforms. Media interventions take many forms; we know them as culture jamming, subvertisements, textual poaching, and tactical media such as “billboard adjustment.” Your intervention can inform a particular audience about some aspect of what we have been studying, or deliver an important, critical message that deserves widespread attention.

Importantly, your media intervention should address one of the conceptual junctures that we explored during the semester—for example, data collection devices (such as a fitness tracker) and privacy—and highlight how these intersections might contribute to inequality or problems in our society environment. Your intervention should be a blend of critique and education, showcasing creativity and thoughtful reflection on the discussions we have had throughout the semester.

But what you will be answering are these two questions:

  • Why did you choose this form of intervention?
  • Consider the ways in which your project will be deployed. In other words, where should it be launched, how will it be distributed, or where does it go from here? What challenges do you envision in this process?

The artifact that we chose was an animation video to help describe data privacy by using the terms data human assemblages, data tracking, data brokers, etc. You can have up to 2 references and use the research found to help support the questions that need to be answered. The main reason why we chose this artifact (animation video) and intervention is because it helps talk about the topic and spread it throughout all ages and makes it easier to understand, more enjoyable…. this is something along the lines as to why we chose animation video. Also, the ways it is deployed is just social media but you can add to that and with what you think applies.

In total should have 2 references and up to 700 words!

Here are articles that we used in class that might help you https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/2053951715619947


Make sure to cite please.

Attached are notes from the animation video with the terms and topics we discussed that could help you answer the questions.

Just as an understanding, the only thing you will be doing is answering the two questions above in bold and the rest is to help you answer those questions.

I tip well for thorough work.

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