UOP Informatics Implementation Project Proposal Presentation

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Informatics Implementation Project Proposal

Prior to beginning work on this interactive assignment, you should have completed reading of all Chapters 1 through 9 in your textbookLinks to an external site.  as well as all required articles. Review any that impact your  Infomatics Implementation Project Proposal. Likewise, you may need to  review areas of the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)Links to an external site. that  apply to project management practice areas where you identified  knowledge gaps in your Week 1 discussion and project management  self-assessment. Conduct research using least six scholarly,  peer-reviewed, or credible sources to support your assignment.

This  week you are preparing one summary slide to finish your Health  Informatics Implementation Proposal and  collating all of the slides  that you worked on in Weeks 2 through 4 to complete your final Health  Informatics Implementation Project Proposal in the form of a PowerPoint  presentation which is no greater than 22 PowerPoint slides. With a focus  on the Five Pillars of Informatics, you will revise previously  submitted PowerPoint assignments that you completed in Weeks 2 through 4  based on the feedback that you have been given, and compile them into a  presentation that flows appropriately for an executive audience such as  the information technology (IT) sub-committee of the Board of Directors  of the Integrated Delivery Network.

Your final individual project  should include the following elements in your PowerPoint slides and be  complied from feedback in prior week’s assignments:

Section 1:

  • Develop the appropriate level of scope and justification for the project
  • Outline  a strategy for stakeholder management for the project including key  stakeholders and their roles in project governance and decision making
  • Compose  the communication plan for the program inclusive of audience, content  and modalities to be used in implementing the project

Section 2:

  • Develop a high-level timeline including milestones and deliverable schedule for the project
  • Compose an outline of program costs including budget pro forma including capital and operational costs
  • Generate  your resource management plan including your strategies for acquisition  of staff and other capital and operational resources

Section 3:

  • Compile  the project risk plan including the assessment and mitigation plan for  relevant technical, operational and financial project risks
  • Develop  a quality plan focusing on quality metrics addressed by the informatics  solutions being implemented as part of the project
  • Develop a  program evaluation plan focusing on the quantitative and qualitative  metrics that you will use to measure project effectiveness

Section 4 (added this week):

  • Summarize your final implementation recommendation for key management stakeholders
  • Articulate  your view of the most significant organizational benefit associated  with moving forward with this specific implementation recommendation

The  executive level PowerPoint presentation should be appropriate to be  reviewed on the agenda of a Board of Directors meeting (without  cartoonish graphics) and illustrate a high-level timeline for the  project, anticipated project costs and anticipated human and other  capital resources needed. The presentation must be ­­­­between 12 and 15  content slides, not including the title slide and references slides. Add speaker’s notesLinks to an external site.  to the bottom of each slide for ease of narration (as your video  script) and to provide accessible content to students with accessibility  needs.

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