JMC 648 CMU Mass Media Indusrty Project Proposal and Annotated Bibliography

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JMC 648 Media Industries

Research Project: Proposal and Annotated Bibliography

Worth 50 points

In preparation for your Final Project, this assignment requires you to prepare two items:
1. The Proposal should be a type-written, detailed, outlined description of your project, including the topic (problem), purpose, your approach to exploring the topic (methodology), what you expect to find and what articles you’ve read that deal with your topic.

  1. The Annotated Bibliography also should be typed and should contain 12-15 citations for sources to be cited in your paper. After each citation, briefly describe the article and provide enough information to assist the reader in understanding what is covered in the article. Articles should be properly cited and alphabetized, using APA Style format. (Recall that in research projects, the Annotated Bibliography is an effective tool for organizing your resources for future use in the Literature Review as well as the Introduction of the final paper.)

Reminder about the Final Project: This is not to be a broad, historical or theoretical project; rather, it should address a specific development occurring within the media industry environment. Among all the material that you’ve encountered this semester, recall the March assignments on “Media Industries Transformations,” “Media Distribution Transformations” and “Annual Business Reports,” designed to help you frame your final project investigation. For the Final Project, you are to select a specific industry/company. You will research, evaluate, and report on media industry principles of business practices and techniques employed by a specific media company designed to meet current audience market demands. Your Final Project should focus on the following key elements about your specific company/industry:

–Review of Industry Developments & Leaders

–Specific Company Issues: Financial issues, technological developments, ethical concerns

–Domestic and Global Demands: Impacts on consumers and/or society

–Implications for Future Markets and Professional practices

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