Shrek Movie Review Discussion

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This assignment is designed to help you realize the importance of interpersonal communication in relationships. You will apply interpersonal communication theories and concepts to a relationship in a movie. 


Choose a movie with a clear interpersonal relationship. ( I would like the movie to be Shrek or Tarzan, if you have a different suggestion please ask me first) That relationship must comprise much of the interaction in the movie. 

Outline the aspects of interpersonal communication that you find evident in this movie relationship. Refer to your textbook and be certain to use terminology from class in your explanations. 

Create a presentation (note: you don’t have to creat a presentation or a powerpoint but you do have to give me an outline of the work so I can create the powerpoint, THIS IS NOT AN EXTRA WORK, IT SUPPOSE TO BE THE SAME WORK but just an outline ) t


1.. The paper should have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.

2. A synopsis of the movie should be a SMALL portion of the paper. The majority of the paper should be examining the interpersonal communication concepts that you uncovered in the movie.

3. Examine 4-5 interpersonal communication concepts evident in the movie.

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