Central State University ABC Corporation Presentation

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This is a 2 part assignment that includes an individual written paper and oral presentation. Please carefully read the below instructions in it’s entirety.



You have just completed an interview with Company ABC. Now it is time to send the follow-up thank you letter. This is a company that you know little about. Prior to the interview, you did research on the company to learn more about the company’s history, industry, provided services/products, and position for which you will interview. Write an interview follow-up letter thanking the company for their time. In addition, provide a detailed presentation covering the information found during your research.

Follow-up Letter Requirements:

Write a one page follow-up letter thanking the company for their time and interest. The letter will serve two purposes: 1. Remind the interviewer of your skills, knowledge, and abilities; 2. demonstrate that you remain interested in working for the company. The letter should be appropriately formatted with the following content:

• A professional greeting

•  Thank the interviewer(s) for the time they took to meet with you and for giving you the opportunity to learn more about the organization and the open position.

• Reiterate your interest in the position and draw parallels between what you have to offer and the organization’s immediate needs.

• Address a concern that came up during the interview or offer new information to a question that was asked during the interview.

• A professional closing


Give a 3 – 5 minute PowerPoint presentation about the company. The presentation should include an introduction, body, and conclusion. You should include information about the company’s:

• background

• the industry they serve

• services or products offered

• company culture

• information about the position

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