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This week we read how two different scholars approach the topic of cultural identity. Stellar Tingtoomey’s book chapter focuses primarily on the four levels within the process of acculturation and enculturation, as well as the cultural-ethnic typological model that explains how ethnic and racial identity changes over time, while Hall’s book chapter explained two ways to obtain identity, avowal and ascription, as well social identity theory, a theory explains to us how use and attitudes towards language can be a strong element within one’s cultural identity.

Well, how do we apply such knowledge to our real life? For this week’s discussion, please prepare to offer your colleague, Han Meimei, who’s just transferred from the branch company in Beijing, China, to the global headquarter of the company located in Redmond, WA. You work for the same company in Redmond in the human resource department and you are responsible for orientation of incoming international employees. Addressing the following questions will help you better prepare for the upcoming orientation.

1 [claim] Is Meimei Han primarily facing an acculturation process, or an enculturation process once she’s transferred from Beijing, China to Redmond, WA, USA?

2 [definition] What is the definition of acculturation according to Tingtoomey? what is the definition of enculturation according to Tingtoomey? what are the four distinctive levels of factors that are relevant to both process?

3 [example] when it comes to Meimei Han, who is coming from Beijing, China, what are the possible sample factors on each of the four levels that she’s likely under influence of? 

4 [explanation] your priority is to help Meimei Han have a smooth transition and identity with the global company as soon as possible, just like other local American employees. Within the Cultural-Ethnic Identity Topological Model, which identity among: bicultural identity, assimilated identity, ethnic-oriented identity and marginal identity that you think may be the most reasonable goal for Han Meimei to develop? Finally, if you were to recommend a movie to Meimei to watch in her spare time, would you recommend Outsourced (2004), or Brooklyn (2015), or both, and why?



Word count 400-500

All the word should by your own words

Answer each questions

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