Towson University Persuasive Image Analysis Paper

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Locate an image you believe is meant   to get to get people to feel something or do something.   This could be an image you encountered in your own life. It could be a   historical image, a photo a friend took, even an icon or emoji.  

Use the concepts you’ve read about in the last five weeks to analyze the image in terms of its persuasive appeal and compliance with ethical standards. Write a 2–3-page paper entitled [yourname]_Assignment_3 telling us the following:

Who produced the image? Where did you find it (i.e., a magazine, a website)?  

Who do you think is the intended audience, and why? Describe the audience in terms of culture, demographics (who they are), and psychographics (how they feel). 

What do you think the image creator is trying to get the audience to do or feel? How do you know? 

What characteristics of the image (principles, composition, color, perspective, staging, framing, use of light and dark, use of symbolism, etc.) made it persuasive? List at least three characteristics

Do you believe the image was manipulated (altered) in any way? If so, how and to what end? 

Do you think the image is propaganda? Why or why not? 

Was it ethical to produce this image? Was it ethical as used in the context where you found it? Why or why not? 

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